Shenmue III update reveals improved graphics and new characters


Shenmue III has revealed its 80th Kickstarter update and even with 80 whole updates a large part of the game is a big mystery. On this update we got four new screenshots of the game, one of them showing off a brand new character. That new character can be seen above.

Outside of that we have a screenshot featuring a young kid, an elder man and that bad guy we saw in the trailer released last year. First thing I noticed is how improved most of the characters faces are and how more animated they look. Especially the young kid in the gallery below. I still have some issue with how Ryo Hazuki is designed, something is really off about him. It isn’t the graphics, but more how the facial structure and hairline are placed. Seems a little off compared to the way he was designed in past games. But who knows, maybe I’m crazy? What are your thoughts on the brand new screenshots?


2 responses to “Shenmue III update reveals improved graphics and new characters

  1. Blevin says:

    It’s definitely improving with each iteration. Shenhua still looks strange and totally different from her much more appealing Dreamcast models, but Ryo is coming along.

    I honestly wish they would stop showing videos until things are further along, as the Internet tends to assume the worst, and most people don’t understand game development.

  2. TDixpix says:

    Fewer videos, more planning illustrations and spec work would be nice. Depending on what’s available from SEGA, I’d love to see timed releases of spec work from the original games, too.

    That all said, I need to remind myself that I will have paid $20 for this game. Seeing as how the new Secret of Mana costs $45 and is a pile of crap, I’m more than expecting my money’s worth on this.

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