SEGA has a ‘surprise announcement’ at SEGA FES 2018


SEGA will be holding a celebration next month in Akihihabara, Tokyo on April 14-15, where they will celebrate their history by including new and old SEGA game in a museum style event.

But that isn’t all that they will have, they will also host Q&A panels, have merchandise stands, competitions, and special guests. But even better, SEGA has also stated that they will have a “surprise announcement” at the event. They are teasing this as a announcement that is “unique to SEGA.” You know what that means? We’ll be disappointed. Sounds like a event I wish I could attend.

But  maybe, just maybe, this could be the official announcement of Virtua Fighter 6. We can dream, can’t we?

[Via: Destructoid]


13 responses to “SEGA has a ‘surprise announcement’ at SEGA FES 2018

  1. Molul says:

    “You know what that means? We’ll be disappointed”

    Lol, how pessimistic xD

  2. Ash says:

    Streets of rage Mania! Just kidding….

  3. Trezell Lorenzo says:

    Yes we can dream, I’m hoping they announced something with human or humanoid characters and have plans to localize it

  4. Ikagura says:

    Disapointement incoming

  5. Miguel says:

    Here’s wishful thinking its a new Sega system😡

  6. TDixpix says:

    Waiting Room Simulator!!!!!

  7. Deefy says:

    For me, this time it will not be disappointing! 😉

  8. CJ Rizzo says:

    Three Point Hospital!

  9. Tailsic says:

    Oh my god, Sega killing me this year, there so many things I’m looking forward to, Yakuza 6, Shining Resonance Refrain, Valkyria Chronicles 4, the release of the IDW Sonic comic, the SXSW sonic panel this month and now this, my hype levels are way to high right now.

  10. Joran Betker says:

    Maybe its a sequel To Ristar…..

    Or a Sequel to Arrow Flash

    or a new Dreamcast console. I think I am setting myself up for disappointment

  11. Peter hodge says:

    I hope it’s Shenmue 1 and 2 HD

  12. Peter hodge says:

    If it’s Shenmue 1 and 2 HD it’s a dream come true to everyone who played Shenmue on the Dreamcast back in 2001 I have Faith in Sega that they will do the right thing and bring it to PS4 and pc before 3 comes out

  13. rajan says:

    I like the surprises

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