Yakuza 6 survey gauges interest in Fist of the North Star game Hokuto ga Gotoku – is localization likely?

In case you forgot, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life released yesterday to the west. As is the new norm, SEGA tacked on a survey for those who purchased the game (accessible from the console’s home screen). The eleven page long survey asks the standard questions one might expect, however it also asks the following: “While no localization has been announced at this time, how interested are you in the Fist of the North Star game created by the developers of Yakuza?” with the possible replies being: “would not buy it,” “I probably wouldn’t buy it,” “I’d buy it under the right conditions,” “I’d probably buy it” and “Day One! I would pre-order it!”.

This isn’t the first time SEGA of America has asked fans about the Fist of the North Star game Hokuto ga Gotoku. In August of last year, SEGA asked if fans were interested in the newly announced Yakuza Studio titles including Hokuto ga Gotoku. Also on that list? Yakuza Kiwami 2, which has since been announced to be coming west on August 28, 2018.

So while we are not saying Hokuto ga Gotoku is coming west, all signs sure are pointing to yes. Fire up your PS4 and take the survey today!


3 responses to “Yakuza 6 survey gauges interest in Fist of the North Star game Hokuto ga Gotoku – is localization likely?

  1. The1ross says:

    Played this from start to finish. It’s good but the combat gets a bit repetitive towards the end, even more so that other Yakuza games because it forces you to watch long animations fairly frequently. They’re really cool but get boring fast.

    Story is great and the ending is awesome though. Overall not as good as 0 but I enjoyed it more than Kiwami 1.

  2. The1ross says:

    Oh, yeah and also while I was playing online, it came up on my friend’s PS4 translated as “Yakuza: Fist of the North Star:. This is noteworthy becuas usually, it just shows the original Japanese title if the game hasn’t been localised. So yeah, looks like they plan to release it in English at some point.

  3. I_Miss_Sega_of_Old says:

    After about 2 years and ten surveys later, it will show up, sell poorly, and Sega will go back to only releasing Sonic games in the US.

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