SEGA News Bits: Are chao gardens returning to Sonic games?

The Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account recently held a poll asking fans what their favorite Sonic game feature was. Among the choices was the chao garden, which ended up winning in a landslide. Given Sonic Forces came and went with a mixed response, it’s interesting that SEGA is now asking such a question. On this SEGA News Bits, we share our thoughts on the original chao gardens, what this poll could mean and what SEGA could do to update them.

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8 responses to “SEGA News Bits: Are chao gardens returning to Sonic games?

  1. Albert says:

    Hopefully not. That kind of features have no place in Sonic games. They should focus their resources to make the games good.

    • Carck says:

      Yea, we shouldn’t have any fun in Sonic games, even less so when it’s widely beloved features from the best received titles of the franchise.

    • Albert says:

      On the contrary, the games should be made fun first and foremost, something Chao garden will contribute nothing to.

      And the Chao garden is from some of the worst games in the series.

    • Some bored random who sees the date on this reply says:

      Some of the worst? How so? Are you talking about the the originals or the steam ports of the Xbox ports of the PC ports of the GameCube port of the dramcast games? Those are buggy messes but the originals on dreamcast are timeless adventures. Chao gave meaning to playing the games. In their absence why do we fight enemies or bank absurd amounts of rings? Or get emblems even. There is no reward for doing that without the unlocks in the Chao garden

  2. Tdixpix says:

    …But if the audience likes it, then you’ll see them again. I don’t know how well it would fly today, but in 2001, kids loved the Chao gardens.

  3. Oken says:

    I’d be down for it, be a great distraction for when people pick apart the games. Seriously though I’d love for them to return, worried about how much of an affect it would have on the overall game’s development though.

  4. creamUS says:

    Sadly i was more of JSR/F person than a sonic person back in the day, so i missed out on Sonic adventure 1 and 2. But friends i had, who all had gamecubes, loved this feature in the game. They know all the ins and outs of the game to collect the stupid animals. Its literally one of those things in games that kids do because they have an ungodly amount of free time. The people saying they want this feature are saying so off pure nostalgia. i think if it was put into the game no one would complete it or even use this feature, waste of time, but i can say most of the sonic games since have been a waste of time.

  5. Marcus Jones says:

    The open world sonic application is wonderful. If the incorporate places in the open world where you have to utilize the characters ability like sonic speed or trials flight to move get through the game it would have everything a sonic game needs. The choa garden is needed not that it defines the sonic games its just a bonus to be able to take from the story mode and look for items for our choa while we were also playing sonic. Its like playing two games at once. They can go really far with this from dlc to live competitions to being able to use your choa is choa fights with different abilities based off good bad nuet and who raised the chao and what items were applied. Def have to add different moves traits and abilities, add a mood thats random with the chao that we hatch like pokemon have it let it also be an added effect. when they get older they shouldnt all have to have that round body they should slim out get taller or fatter or even stay the same but not all have the same body size. Some should be able to float like charmie the bee. Wardrobe would be nice and also theres an opp for dlc with that. Weapons for certain modes and types and levels could be included if you take it that far. You guys should go for that bioware type feel where the depth of sonic and his game is not just a mario rip off. Let him learn new moves fighting styles and let us chose whats best for us. Meaning let us chose how we want to play with him or shadow or knuckles. Let us find loot new shoes or gloves that hold chaos emeralds. And don’t make it easy to just get choas emeralds to wield an easy sonic game is not what we want at all. We want to play sonic not watch our children play sonic. There’s a million things you could do but whoever is on the sonic team right now is not thinking clearly maybe its to much pressure. Bring back jet and others too you can even do dlc with some characters but because you guys have been letting the fans down new characters downloads should be free. You kinda owe us.

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