Gucci reveals ugly overly expensive SEGA inspired(?) sneakers

Yeah, it’s a slow news day. Set to release in July are a pair of Gucci sneakers that bizarrely use the SEGA logo lettering for the Gucci name. With prices starting at $1430 and up, you’re sure to be the envy of nobody when you walk into a room wearing these ugly things. Covered by the website, it is noted that the shoes take some “some not-so-subtle nods to the game Bejeweled“. Which would make sense if SEGA developed or published Bejeweled, which they don’t.

Even stranger, the official Gucci instagram account makes note that the SEGA font is used with permission of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. However, as we’ve pointed out before, it is more likely Gucci is using the fan made font NiseSEGA which makes it clear on the download page that these fonts cannot be used for business. Of course, that didn’t stop Mr. Robot from using the fan made font. It’s a shame that when illustrated fan art is misused, people raise hell – but when fan art in the form of fonts is misused nobody bats an eye.


8 responses to “Gucci reveals ugly overly expensive SEGA inspired(?) sneakers

  1. valkyrie77 says:

    But they did made Columns, which also used jewels.

  2. I was thinking the same too! So are we talking about the Gucci Gang, Gucci? I don’t get outside much lol.

  3. Neal says:

    Isn’t it possible that the fonts being used by Gucci and Mr. Robot are fonts that they have purchased the rights to? Typically that’s how these things work out. Why is the assumption that these companies “stole” fan work (that was already a rip-off of existing intellectual property)?

    But yeah those shoes are ugly.

    • Barry says:

      I doubt it. My Mr. Robot research confirmed that they did indeed use NiseSEGA, and the original page makes it clear that the font is not for commercial use and being a from of fan art (and the language barrier and how old the fonts are) I very much doubt the creator was contacted and worked out any deal. If SEGA have their own internal font that they use, that would be news to me, and I don’t think SEGA would sell the rights to use a fan made font.

    • Neal says:


  4. SG3000 says:

    The Gucci SEGA collection is online for two month. 😉 there are more Gucci SEGA Items:

  5. Jaeger says:

    Technically, legally SEGA owns those fonts as they are imitations of SEGA’s original logo typeface.

    Sad, but true. Similarily, SEGA owns all fan art featuring it’s characters by default, under law.

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