Google Play’s official Twitter gives us a totally accurate history refresher on Sonic the Hedgehog


You know it’s a slow news day when we’re talking about something like this. Sonic fans everywhere were shocked and confused yesterday, April 27th, 2024, when the official Google Play twitter account decided to give everyone an unhinged informed look back over the years at how Sonic the Hedgehog has evolved with time.

It all began with the above post claiming to show us Sonic as he got “older and older”. As you can see, this tweet was labeled with a community note telling us that the entire thread is inaccurate and does not, in fact, show Sonic getting older and older, while giving helpful links to Wikipedia for context. We’re off to a great start right here.

Take a seat and say goodbye to a couple of brain cells as we journey through Sonic’s aging process through the eyes of Google Play. Take a look past the break once you’ve steeled yourself. (Oh, and click the screenshots of each tweet to be taken to the actual tweet.)

EDIT: Google Play has since deleted the entire thread. Oddly, they have not posted a single thing in the two weeks since then. Post your conspiracies about what happened in the comments below.

Japanese porn video includes an unexpected tour of an early 2000s arcade

Twitter/X user @suddendesu stumbled upon a Japanese porn video titled 超ハード変態娘 変態羞恥感じる露出女!!(roughly translated, it’s “A super hard perverted girl. An exposed woman who feels perverted and embarrassed! !”). How he stumbled upon it? I won’t judge, I’ve found my fare share of video game related gems in weird old Japanese porn videos (Google “Cosplay International” for some real weird Space Channel 5 content).

Gucci reveals ugly overly expensive SEGA inspired(?) sneakers

Yeah, it’s a slow news day. Set to release in July are a pair of Gucci sneakers that bizarrely use the SEGA logo lettering for the Gucci name. With prices starting at $1430 and up, you’re sure to be the envy of nobody when you walk into a room wearing these ugly things. Covered by the website, it is noted that the shoes take some “some not-so-subtle nods to the game Bejeweled“. Which would make sense if SEGA developed or published Bejeweled, which they don’t.

Even stranger, the official Gucci instagram account makes note that the SEGA font is used with permission of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. However, as we’ve pointed out before, it is more likely Gucci is using the fan made font NiseSEGA which makes it clear on the download page that these fonts cannot be used for business. Of course, that didn’t stop Mr. Robot from using the fan made font. It’s a shame that when illustrated fan art is misused, people raise hell – but when fan art in the form of fonts is misused nobody bats an eye.

What happens if you mix Beastie Boys music with Sakura Wars?

Kori here to bring you an amazing mash up of the Sakura Wars iconic theme song “Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan!” (which roughly translates “Attack! Imperial Floral Assault Team!“) with Bestie Boys in the mix.

The original video was found on NicoNicoDouga and uploaded on YouTube. The mix is pretty amazing with the fusion of the Bestie Boys singing and Chisa Yokoyama as Sakura Shinguji as the lead singer.

If you have any thoughts on this amazing mash up video, be sure leave us a comment below

Upcoming book answers the age-old question of “Where’s Sonic?”

While we can’t report on EVERY piece of Sonic merchandise (if we did that, we’d be up to our necks in pencil cases, DVDs, statues, figures and the occasional toothbrush), we do like to share the unique and awesome items emblazoned with Sonic’s mug. “Where’s Sonic?: A Search-And-Find Adventure” is definitely of the unique category. It’s a Where’s Waldo/Wally style book in which fans try and find Sonic as well as other items as they litter recognizable zones and stages from the franchise. Currently the book is only listed in the UK and Australia. Amazon UK is taking pre-orders for £2.99 with free shipping within the UK. The release date is October 11th, so until then try to find Shadow creeping in the shadows in the image above.

The Rudie boobies SEGA of America doesn’t want you to see

No, this isn’t one of George’s old “spot the differences” contests. SEGA Network chum TheGagaman spotted this funny difference between the US and UK sites for Jet Set Radio. See the change? Piranha’s boobies have been covered by a green tank top. Guess somebody at SEGA legal thought the US page was too scandalous for the kiddies. No word if this change will be applied to the in-game character (unlikely), but its a funny example of American squeamishness.