SEGA News Bits: Team Sonic Racing reveal reaction

Team Sonic Racing has been announced! On this News Bits, Barry goes through all the details including the secrets hidden in the cover art and screenshots. What are your thoughts on the newly announced Sumo Digital and SEGA racing game?

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5 responses to “SEGA News Bits: Team Sonic Racing reveal reaction

  1. Harlemknight116 says:

    Looking forward to it.

  2. OriginalName says:

    I’m at work so I haven’t been able to watch footage, and I’m sure I’m missing some details… but while I’m positive that the game will play well, I just don’t understand the direction at all. It strikes me like if Nintendo made a Smash Bros. game with only Mario characters.

    • OriginalName says:

      Apparently the gameplay is going to be distinct from the previous Sumo racers. So, to make a more accurate comparison, like if Nintendo made a fighting game with only Mario characters.

    • Tailsic says:

      Maybe Sumo Digital just wanted to make a full on Sonic Racing game. what’s wrong with that?

    • Trezell Lorenzo says:

      It might have something to do with them slowly starting to revive their old IPs

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