Shenmue I & II Remasters get first HD texture pack for PC

Wait, didn’t Shenmue I & II Remasters just come out? That isn’t stopping hard working fans from improving upon the release, at least on PC. If you didn’t know, the Shenmue I & II Remasters came out with the original textures from the Dreamcast, which I feel are fine but if you wanted updated textures then modder ‘Dragean’ has you covered! He is working on a HD Texture Pack for Shenmue I & II and the first version has been released!

The HD Texture Pack is set to recreate HD textures for environments and not just upscale the existing textures. The mod isn’t even close to being complete, I mean the Resident Evil 4 HD pack mod has been going on for years, so it could take quite awhile before this mod is completed.So far he has tweaked existing Yamanose textures, added street textures in Dobuita, added Yamanose tree leaves/shrubs/bush sprites, reworked road signs/grass textures, and added some patchy dirt/brick wall textures.  The HD Texture Pack requires Kaldien’s Special K mod (download), Ryo’s clothes HD textures from here, and HD texture pack for walls/doors (by hope3090) can be found here. Check out some of the screenshots to see the differences, see live comparisons over here!

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5 responses to “Shenmue I & II Remasters get first HD texture pack for PC

  1. Debonair says:

    I really need to ask how much involvement does Sega have with Shenmue III? I know Sega owns the Shenmue IP and name ect, but I’m currently in a debate with someone on FB who keeps insisting that it isn’t a SEGA game because Sega have next to no direct involvement with it.

    I told him that owning the IP makes you the direct and automatic default sole owner of all of the franchise and subsequent instalments in the series, and that his argument was akin to saying he does not own his own house and has no involvement with it because he did not personally partake in the labour aspect of the construction of the building, even if he funded it, instructed how it was to be built and where it was to be built ect.

    It says Deep Silver is handling publishing duties on Wiki but on all the official trailers, I pointed out to him that it clearly says SEGA© Ys Net© – and Ys Net is controlled by Yu Suzuki – who still has his direct internal advisory role within Sega to this day still even though he has since left his other role as president of SEGA’s internal in-house studio Sega-AM2.

    When you look at the slacker backer campaign page for Shenmue III and Kickstarter for Shenmue III page – it clearly shows all the staff who are working on the game – and just about all of them worked on the first two which means they were Sega-AM2 members as well, and maybe still are.

    So what is the truth, does Sega have no involvement at all, does the IP name constitute it as a SEGA game still even if it’s true Sega aren’t directly involved, and if they are involved, in what capacity are they?

    • Eccles says:

      I wondered the same, just had a look through Deep Silvers list and they are just a Games division of Koch media, but looking through you can see they also published other Sega titles like Yakuza and 7th Dragon as well as some of Namcos games.

      By definition we say the publisher is the true owner but we know these are not Deep Silvers games and yet they technically published them, so that technically would mean they are –

    • Centrale says:

      Sega isn’t involved in the development or publishing, but still own the franchise. They are allowing YsNet to develop the game and use any existing Shenmue assets that they want to. Deep Silver is the publisher for Europe and North America (the publisher for Japan has not been announced yet).

    • Debonair says:

      @Centrale So it isn’t actually a ‘Sega game’ then?

  2. Lemmy says:

    Shenmue stopped being Sega s years ago, they only had the publishing rights to I and II because they were Sega games

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