SEGA trademarks ‘Romance: Seven-Colored Adventure Story’

Looks like SEGA has some new IPs to show off in 2019 considering they just filed for a trademark in Japan for “Romance: Nanatsu Iro no Boukendan” which roughly translates to “Romance: Seven-Colored Adventure Story” While this news has brought some jokes that SEGA is finally making a Sonic the Hedgehog dating sim, I actually think this might be a cutesy mobile or arcade game aimed at the Japanese market. Its nothing new for SEGA since they have been at it since Oshare Majo: Love and Berry.

But maybe I’m wrong and this is a larger, more mainstream project. I guess we will find out soon since we don’t really know much more about the project outside of its name.

[Via: Gematsu]



7 responses to “SEGA trademarks ‘Romance: Seven-Colored Adventure Story’

  1. chivibowie says:

    Maybe another “Feel the Magic: XY/XX”?

  2. Noel says:

    Please say something about the new Blade Arcus game.

  3. Ikagura says:

    Project Rub sequel?

  4. RushDawg says:

    That logo is giving me major Feel the Magic / Rub Rabbits vibes

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