SEGA celebrates 30 years of Toshihiro Nagoshi with a look back at his career

SEGA has released a sit down interview video with Toshihiro Nagoshi, chief creative officer at SEGA. SEGA fans know Nagoshi best for Daytona USA, the Super Monkey Ball games and Yakuza. The interview contains some interesting information, including Nagoshi saying that the games where he listened to other people didn’t work too well (Binary Domain, perhaps?). In regards to the Yakuza franchise, Nagoshi notes that the original Yakuza did not sell enough to cover development costs which led to the team having to more effectively use their resources for the sequel. Only a year passed between the first two Yakuza games, and this was an effort to keep the series alive in people’s minds, which meant a very busy and short development cycle. This hard work paid off, however, as Yakuza 2 sold twice as many copies as the first game.

Check out the video for yourself above, and here’s hoping we see more content like this from SEGA’s YouTube channel!


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