SEGA to show off unannounced AAA project at Gamescom 2019

SEGA has been teasing their Gamescom 2019 line-up which will include stuff we already know including the SEGA Mega Drive Mini (this is a German even) and Catherine: Full Body. One of the things that did surprise us was that they are planning on showing off an announced project at the event as well, which SEGA is billing as a AAA project for unspecified platforms.

So what could this AAA project be? My guess will be the already teased Creative Assembly team-based shooter that was teased all the way back in 2015. Why this instead of something like ‘the next Sonic’ game? Easy, Creative Assembly is one of SEGA’s biggest teams and they are a British developer. Makes sense to show off their upcoming game at Europe’s version of E3. We will find out what it is later this month since Gamescom will be running from August 20-24th.

Update: According to The Creative Assembly’s worker Grace, this isn’t a game from their studio. Could this be CA just playing cute? What do you think?

[Source: SEGA Press]



9 responses to “SEGA to show off unannounced AAA project at Gamescom 2019

  1. hugoodin says:

    New IP or a remake? let’s wait and see

  2. Tdixpix says:

    First-person classic Phantasy Star Deus-Ex hybrid. I’m so so so in.

  3. Tdixpix says:

    For what it’s worth, Cyberpunk 2077 is going to take the world by storm, there will be a ton of copycats and the world will be so so sick of gritty sci fi storytelling by the time Sega realizes that they should develop the single player franchise further.


  4. Team Andromeda says:

    I guess this must be the SEGA game that Retro Gamer is doing a feature in next months magazine.
    Can’t wait

  5. Babyfartmageezax says:

    A New Yakuza, Streets of Rage, Space Channel 5, Sonic, Sakura Wars and (technically for the west) Phantasy Star have already been announced, which in terms of recent ip’s would only leave the likes of short arcade games like outrun or obscure ips like NiGHTS, Samba De Amigo or Burning Rangers. The only franchises that are left beside Crazy Taxi (which is in no way a AAA title) with AAA potential would be Jet Set Radio or, the one that I think is the most likely (due to evo literally just gone) Virtua Fighter 6! I think that is the only returning ip with AAA potential, COME ON SEGA!!

  6. ZeroDL says:

    Yakuza 2077

  7. 24Nathan says:


  8. Team Andromeda says:

    Given it looks like Retro Gamer is about to do a big feature ‘Inside SEGA most anticipated project of 2019 in their next issue. I’m hoping its either a remake or a sequel to a classic SEGA IP

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