SEGA Talk Podcast #25: SEGA Dreamcast – 20 Year Anniversary (1999-2019)

In celebration of the SEGA Dreamcast turning 20 years old in America on September 9th, we’re talking about the console itself on this milestone episode of SEGA Talk! What went on behind the scenes during the development of the hardware? What were the best launch games? How early did SEGA plan to discontinue the Dreamcast? Find out all that and more on this episode!

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2 responses to “SEGA Talk Podcast #25: SEGA Dreamcast – 20 Year Anniversary (1999-2019)

  1. I miss my dad’s Sega Dreamcast. I can only remember it faintly because I was 4 when my dad made me play it. At first, I hated the Dreamcast. But then I grew to love it. The games I played; WWF Attitude, The Grinch, and Sonic Adventure.

  2. Peter Sabol says:

    Hey guys. Love the show. I played my DC for hours yesterday: Crazy, SC5, Zombies and SFIII:3S. Here’s to another 20 years of play!

    Moving forward, please stop coughing into the mic.


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