Retro-Bit teases Dreamcast controller redesign with high quality d-pad and a new analog stick

The SEGA Dreamcast controller is, well, a bit cheap feeling. Even when it came out it was one of the biggest complaints from SEGA fans upgrading from the SEGA Saturn. It looks like Retro Bit, who are re-releasing retro SEGA console controllers knows this and are now teasing their upcoming SEGA Dreamcast Retro Bit controllers.

“We bring you the #SEGA #Dreamcast controller with features made just for you!
Wired & Wireless options will have you making a tough decision, but with a 6-button layout, redesigned Dpad, & new analog stick, you won’t regret either choice.” – Retro Bit via Twitter

According to the post, the new Dreamcast controllers are coming sometime in late 2020.


5 responses to “Retro-Bit teases Dreamcast controller redesign with high quality d-pad and a new analog stick

  1. The six buttons are a good idea but almost all Dreamcast games were designed around the four button layout. For example, Quake 3 used ABXY as DOWN RIGHT LEFT RIGHT. This new layout would make it not function the same. I hope that it is an optional design.

    • Miguel says:

      True but don’t forget about the 6 button controllers that you’d have to import from Japan just to play the fighting games or you could get an adapter to plug in the Nights control or any Saturn controller👍

    • FinalNeal says:

      I’m sure the extra buttons are mapped to L&R, like past 6-button DC controllers. It’s gonna come in real handy for the Street Fighter games!

    • Miguel says:

      I’m definitely buying a few of these controllers.

  2. jimi Andreas says:

    That was one of the best dpads ive ever used,never had a problem pulling off dragon punches

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