SEGA News Bits: SEGA Game Gear Micro Announced Reaction

SEGA has announced that their big revolutionary news in this week’s Famitsu issue is going to be the Game Gear Micro. While it was as huge as a lot of people where speculating online, its still technically new SEGA hardware and its a type of device that no other company h as tried before. This new Game Gear Micro also really lives up to its name. Check out our video for all the latest information we know and come back later for more information as it releases.

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16 responses to “SEGA News Bits: SEGA Game Gear Micro Announced Reaction

  1. Senjav says:

    I was just going to say this, too many ignorant people from the west, America and Canada particularly are not seeing this isn’t about them and failing to see the bigger picture of what is revolutionary here.

    They are reasearching a mechanic which would combine cloud technology/fog computint and arcade machines, so an arcade machine gets less expensive and all the computint is done elsewhere. The arcade machine basically becomes just a monitor with controls.
    This also means they could make a cheap console without alot of hardware in it, which could play arcade games from your home on your tv.
    Why is that big? Because Sega is still in the arcade business with partners with games released regularly (games you don’t oftenly see on consoles), and this could be their ticket back into the home consoles, in a niche market and a different offering then all the other competitors.

  2. Eck says:

    So Sega is making a “Sega Stadia” like arcade set up… well… it’s a business model as far as business goes.

    • Senjav says:

      Not quite, it’s more about pooling machine resources from this article rather than delivery of different games on different machines but time will tell.

    • Eck says:

      Sega is in a different era in 2020… they are attempting to maintain arcade games via streaming service…

      Plus you really missed the point of it being a business model. LoLz
      I actually read the report… it will save Sega money on arcade hardware production costs…

    • Senjav says:

      I didn’t but you compared it to Stadia which is a massive pool of resources pushing information to dumb clients. This sounds more like a peer to peer network sharing un-used resources, similar to data mining programs running on idea PCs. The two are very different technologies.

    • Eck says:

      In the use of the Stadia “like” does not mean “equal or is”

      Stadia works in it’s most basic principle as a streaming service over a network… that is larger…

      Arcade use by Sega is definitely more similar to a local network streaming service since it will be used inside Sega’s arcade centers in Japan and probably elsewhere… if it happens.

      So it boils down to arcade operators buying a server… a workstation server computer using proprietary software hopefully secured by Sega Japan so we don’t see catastrophes like Daytona USA Championship getting leaked over a website.

    • Senjav says:

      Bigger picture old bean. If they can pull this off on an international level it would mean Sega paying for machines which are being used for gaming.

      It could theoretically mean we return to a time where it’s economical for arcade machines to be more common place – Maybe a few of them in the service station, maybe one in your local chippy/Corner shop etc.

      If arcade machines are more common, we’ll have more people playing them. If more people are playing them, we’ll see people making genuine coin-op games that work in a coin op setting, which would inevitably be ported to the machine of your choice 🙂

      I mean there are a lot of ifs in there, but this definitely has more legs than Sega buying a job lot of low-end Ryzen machines and sticking a sega sticker and a custom OS on them.

      Edge computing is correct your arcade machine would still be a beefy enough arcade machine – not just a monitor and perepheral output controller.

      I believe the deal is that the arcade could allow Sega to use them as data processors when they aren’t actively used for playing games (which would, presumably, lower the cost of game operators.)

    • Eck says:

      a great idea for the Asian countries markets and some European maybe where there’s still a large number of game centers. Not sure what it means for countries like the US where an arcade is a couple of shooting games and mobile phone spin offs installed in a bowling alley 🙁 )

    • Senjav says:

      I agree that Sega Corp has to play this experiment because of the way that the Western countries like U.S.A. specifically and Canada have placed big tariffs, taxes and fines all over the place which limits the importing from Sega’s factories. and other arcade game makers since the 2005 game generation jump has eroded the support of arcades by not having larger custom use hardware and switching to PC boxes.

  3. CapitainCapitalismo says:

    Heh this is why I love Sega, this is Sega basically trolling us with the Game Gear micro and who knows what else eventually, it’s Sega being Sega basically, this is what they do.

    Nobody ever saw this coming for miles, it would take somebody like Sega to be this unpredictable and brave enough to bring out a Game Gear micro on top of their other big moves not announced yet.

  4. ToeJam and Knuckles says:

    The like to dislike ratio for the GG Micro on YouTube is almost even, both around 2,900 each. So it’s not like everyone is on board with this. Also you should translate some Japanese comments instead of assuming this is what they prefer, because they are ROASTING Sega for this! They hate it too, and they are having the same complaints about it as we are! Go figure!

  5. ToeJam and Knuckles says:

    Sega failed to deliver something special for the big 60th. I know people expected a merger or a new console, but a cloud that only exists in Japan and a couple of toy Game Gears that not even the Japanese want? Sega said they were returning to their former glory. What is this???

  6. Hitrax says:

    I recommend following the interview between CEO Haruki Satomi and Sega Shiro ~ – if you want more understanding, it’s on the site.
    This is where Sega’s main focus is.
    All these other western media outlets (American and Canadian mostly) were chasing 4th handed stories based on rumours which grew out of the words of the Famitsu scoop reporter and it gradually snowballed into social media and then western presenters such as RTG85 and ArcadeUSA etc, with the rumour mill spinning faster by the day.

    Unfortunately it just goes to show once again how people are just too easily controlled by media. Sega had nothing to do with that, the Famitsu scoop reporter didn’t either, but I can see how the words could lead alternative media down that route and then people get excited about the possibilities and just run with it.

    It really helps to understand how media works, especially in an international context like this, and particularly, a post social media age, to avoid future confusion. Saying that though, if you read the interview, it is made aware people would like to see other hard projects such as Saturn revived eventually and why focus is on this for now.

    • ToeJam and Knuckles says:

      Don’t question product. Just consume and get excited for new product. (Even though we can’t BECAUSE IT’S ONLY IN JAPAN!)

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