SEGA News Bits: SEGA Game Gear Micro 16 Games Revealed

We now have more details on the Game Gear Micro, including what games can be found on each unit. That’s right, each color handheld has its own games. Watch and learn what to expect from this upcoming release!

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11 responses to “SEGA News Bits: SEGA Game Gear Micro 16 Games Revealed

  1. SK3 says:

    Quickly got my preorder in.

    • OriginalName10 says:

      You can’t preorder it because it isn’t coming out in the Americas.
      Just Eurasia. If you mean import, PlayAsia arent taking preorders yet either.

    • Barry says:

      You can pre-order through intermediaries who will ship the package to you, and Ply-Asia pre-orders actually went live this morning and have since sold out.

    • OriginalName10 says:

      Intermediaries? Is that like private or off licence distributors who buy in bulk and sell back to other stores like PlayAsia?

    • Barry says:

      I forgot the term, but local companies that have you purchase and ship to their warehouse in Japan and then they package and ship it for international buyers. Other sites will buy it from the online shop for you and ship it.

  2. Pit-Fighter says:

    WTF SEGA??? We want a Saturn mini!! Then after that a Dreamcast mini!!

    • ToeJam and Knuckles says:

      Because the games are bigger and they want to make money by charging for them separately. :p

  3. Sg3000 says:

    It is very easy to buy in the SEGA Epten Shop via Works great and the payment goes through Paypal. A small fee and shipping is due.

  4. ToeJam and Knuckles says:

    I like the Shining Force Gaiden games, and I’ve begging Sega to port them in a collection for years now, but this isn’t how I want to play them! Just make the Game Gear Mini instead of Micro (about the size of a smart phone) and include about 30 games. It’d be nice if you could translate them when bringing them over to the west also. Granted, fans already took care of that, and if you really want to play these games proper, emulation is the way to go. But this is a huge ripoff. They rereleased the Genesis Shining games in collections over and over again. There’s no reason why they can’t have a collection for Game Gear or at least in Sega Ages. Same goes for Game Gear Shinobi. (why just the first one? The second one was PERFECT!)

  5. Eric Rice says:

    All versions are still available on for those looking to import.

  6. ToeJam and Knuckles says:

    Even if this is part of the mini series of consoles they are releasing, they still did poor Game Gear wrong. It took FOREVER to get Sega to ditch AtGames and make a quality mini console. Then Sega goes and does this, on their anniversary no less. All it did was turn people away from Sega or just flat out confuse them. Again, SEGA CANNOT AFFORD TO DO THIS.

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