King of Fighters XI Arcade Ported to SEGA Dreamcast, More Atomiswave Arcade Ports Coming

Literally a week ago I posted that Metal Slug 6 got a Atomiswave Dreamcast port by SEGA super fan MegaVolt85, where he said that the ports are very simple and all you had to do was do a few changes to get them working. He is proving that is correct, by now releasing King of Fighters XI on the SEGA Dreamcast. You can download the GDI image via Dreamcast-Talk. The image comes in at 150mb.

I’ll pretend that MegaVolt85 anciently ran into this post and I’ll now take this post to ask him for a The Rumble Fish 2 and Dolphin Blue Dreamcast ports. Thanks 🙂


9 responses to “King of Fighters XI Arcade Ported to SEGA Dreamcast, More Atomiswave Arcade Ports Coming

  1. Deefy says:

    @George, I gladly second you, I too would be happy to be able to play “The Rumble Fish 2” and “Dolphin Blue” on my Dreamcast!!!

  2. Senjav says:

    How does one acquire these ports?
    Can we have retail physical copies or only via manual disk burning means?

    • George says:

      The link has the GDI image, so not even burning right now just people that can play digital images off the Dreamcast. CDI images will come when he is 100% confident they work as intended then he will release the CDI (then you can burn them).

      He won’t be selling repos or anything. Pretty sure its against the law.

  3. BionicDodo says:

    Yes! I commented under the Metal Slug 6 article that I’d love to see KoF XI… And here it is!

  4. Tillmania says:

    Any shot of CDI files or is that not possible?

  5. Nikolas Georgiou says:

    So I guess Naomi ports would be somehow possible..Virtua NBA for me please

  6. OriginalName says:

    This is incredible. Can’t believe we’ve gotten a second port so quickly. Really excited for more!

  7. DoctorD00M says:

    If this works for NAOMI I want Melty Blood, Akatsuki Blitzkamf, and FOTNS BADLY
    awesome work also 🙂

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