Leak: SEGA planning Sonic Colors Ultimate for Switch, PS4 and Xbox

Twitter user @Kutairo_ discovered an interesting listing on the website for the German dubbing studio for Sonic games. Under 2020 is project titled Sonic Colours Remaster, and additional details state December 20, 2020 as the project date and the category as “Game Localization – SIDE – SEGA”. At the moment, the project is still listed, so this is looking legit. But, to be on the safe side we are filing this under rumor until more details are known.

A Sonic Colors remaster would make a lot of sense, given it is one of the few Sonic games to not see a release outside its original console. The 2010 Wii release was a hit with fans, and the game is deserving of more exposure, so here’s hoping the remaster is real and perhaps we see Sonic Colors debuting on all major platforms alongside more 2D and 3D Sonic games in time for the 30th anniversary.

Update: The German dubbing website iksample.de is now down, no doubt to remove the leaked information. We did, however, save a screenshot which can be seen after the break.

Additionally, The Sonic Stadium is reporting that French online game retailer Sogamely had listed Sonic Colors for Switch, PS4 and Xbox One priced at €35 (about $40 US) and titled Sonic Colors Ultimate – Limited Edition. As such, we are shifting this from “Rumor” to “Leak”.


4 responses to “Leak: SEGA planning Sonic Colors Ultimate for Switch, PS4 and Xbox

  1. No PC version? Bummer.

    • Azzy says:

      May I remind you that most retailers only sell console games and a PC version wouldn’t have been listed on aretailer’s website, also given how Sega loves Steam.

    • Fat Frog says:

      Yeah, Sega loves Steam but probably prefers money hat from EGS, Stadia for timed exclusives. So there is also a chance for Sonic Colors on EGS or Stadia (Judgment…)instead of Steam

  2. TKOhh says:

    Interesting bit of information. I’ll pick it up when it comes to Steam. I’m glad that we’re getting some sliver of news regarding SEGA’s plans to celebrate Sonic via game releases this year. I suspect and hope that we’ll get clarity soon in regards to other remasters, and perhaps a new entry. The clock is ticking, as we’re only a couple months out from Sonic’s birthday. I’m somewhat surprised that SEGA’s kept quiet to this point.

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