UPDATE: According to Famitsu, Sonic Colors Ultimate has a Tails assist mode

UPDATE: The latest Famitsu, seen above, has revealed that Tails has been added to Sonic Colors Ultimate as an assist mode. Via some shoddy Google translations, it appears that a special in-game Tails medal gives you the ability to save yourself from a death by having Tails swoop in and carry Sonic to safety. You do not lose your rings, and players can carry up to 99 of these special assist medals.

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Famitsu might have buried the lede in their article on Sonic Colors Ultimate detailing some pre-order bonus items. While the DX pack (which features a wall scroll and some other goodies) and the 30th anniversary pack (which has a CD, booklet and coin) are cool, the included screens show the game but with a Tails life icon. Oddly, every screen shows the player in mid-color power, meaning we cannot get a clear look at Tails. But the life icon seems to show that Tails will indeed be added as a playable character. We’ll know more as SEGA shares more, but it’s great to see Sonic’s buddy back in action!

Also, the Famitsu article promises that the music for all stages and bosses, including the opening theme “Reach For The Stars”, has been updated and in addition there will be remixed versions of the songs recorded.

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