SEGA trademarks “Sonic Frontiers”, possible name for 2022 game

Via Renka_schedule on Twitter comes news that SEGA has trademarked “SONIC FRONTIERS” as well as the Japanese name “ソニック フロンティア” (translated to “SONIC FRONTIER”). It is likely that this will be the name of the upcoming 3D Sonic game set for a 2022 release date. SEGA games being revealed through trademark filings is not new, as we first learned of games in the past through such filings.

While the upcoming game has been referred to as “Sonic Rangers” thanks to some early leaks, it appears SEGA has decided on a final name. So far, fan reaction has been positive, and we will just have to wait for SEGA’s official announcement.

What do you think of the name Sonic Frontiers?


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