New Genesis/Mega-Drive fighter Insane Pain releases; on sale now

The new developments on Sega Genesis/Mega-Drive just keep on coming. This time, it’s the new cyberpunk themed 2D fighter Insane Pain, with its impressive pre-rendered 3D graphics and blood and gore effects. The Germany based developers Blast Process Games have released the game in its ROM form on their page and are preparing an online store in their website to sell physical copies of the game along with collectable trading cards and t-shirts with the game’s characters.

Make sure you check in after the break for more information.

If this game sounds familiar to you, chances are you may remember it from Kickstarter, where the game was successfully funded in November 2021. The game was nearly done back then and the Kickstarter was just to fund physical releases, in case you’re wondering how the game was completed so quickly. For anyone who did back the Kickstarter, copies bought through that are now shipping, so you should see yours very soon.

The store on Blast Process Games’s website plans to sell the basic Kickstarter package, for anyone who missed that crowdfunding window or wants to buy a copy to give to a friend. For now, the online store is not yet finalized, so you may not be able to buy anything there yet when this article goes up. Prices and items may not yet be finalized either. Be sure to try it for yourself sometime and tell us in the comments below if you’re able to make a purchase.

Highlights of the game include:

  • Neon dark future in a dystopian setting
  • 6 (normal) playable characters
  • 1 sub-boss + 1 final boss
  • 8 arenas
  • Turbo speed mode
  • Six button option
  • Combo-system
  • Widescreen option (for 16:9 screens)
  • Soundtrack by Schwefelholger

Finally, the developers also recommend a 6-button controller to play. If you need a new one, consider Retro-Bit’s new Big 6 controller, which should be coming annnnnnnny day now…

Go to Blast Process Games’s page to get the ROM file to play in your favorite emulator or a flash cartridge on real Genesis/Mega-Drive hardware. Be sure to also bookmark their online store and keep checking back for when their store is completed, if physical items are what you’re after.

Are you excited to see a new fighting game on Genesis with such an ambitious visual style and theme? Have you tried the game for yourself yet? Let us know in the comments below.


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