Sega in the Media: Pro wrestler knocked out with a Sega Dreamcast!?


Hey! First article I get to write in 2023! FINALLY!

Pro-wrestling fans who tuned into to Impact Wrestling’s recent No Surrender event on February 24th, 2023 were in for quite a shock when it came time for the match between Joe Hendry and Quinn “Moose” Ojinnaka. Joe pulled out all the stops in this climactic battle, using a variety of unlikely objects as weapons against the mighty Moose, including a remote controlled toy car, a computer keyboard, and a Sega… Dreamcast?

Yeah. You telling me you would’ve have done the same if you were in his shoes?

Indeed, during this match, Moose attempted to taunt reigning champion Joe Hendry by “flipping the bird” at him. Joe responded in kind by pulling out the beloved 128-bit dream machine and “flipping the lid”, i.e. opening the Dreamcast’s disc drive lid. Moose, foolishly not intimidated by this display of awesome, undeniable power, rushed in for a lariat. Joe simply ducked beneath Moose’s attack and countered by slamming the Dreamcast in Moose’s face, not once, but twice, before putting it down to finish the fight without it.

And in case you were wondering, Joe won the match and continues to hold onto the championship belt, and rightfully so. When you have a Sega Dreamcast, you’re always a winner. So on behalf of Segabits, and Sega fans around the world, I congratulate Joe Hendry on his amazing victory and wish him the best in his future brawls.


Now if only Yuke’s thought to include a Dreamcast as a weapon when they were making WWF Royal Rumble.

(Of course, Segabits does not recommend bludgeoning anybody with a Dreamcast. We instead recommend using a Sega Saturn. It’s bigger, heavier, can also flip its lid, and Segata Sanshiro will be proud.)

And with that, I leave you with this fitting edit of Joe’s Dreamcast attack.

Now how about you leave us with some comments below. Did you watch No Surrender? Were there any other highlights? Have you ever smacked someone upside their head with a Dreamcast if they smack talked the legendary console?



2 responses to “Sega in the Media: Pro wrestler knocked out with a Sega Dreamcast!?

  1. Sk8 Again says:

    i eon’t find it funny at all. to me that’s blasphemy. dreamcasts are getting scarce since most of them have psu and lens issues

    i don’t have a dc because of that

  2. Centrale says:

    It’s thinking.

    …about smashing you in the face!!

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