Hunter Girls, a brand new Genesis/Mega-Drive game, launches on Kickstarter

We return once again to Kickstarter with an all new game for a Sega console. An all new action runner called Hunter Girls, starring three hunter girls of course, is in development for Sega Genesis/Mega-Drive from retro game publisher PSCD Games and has launched on Kickstarter. They have a surprisingly modest financial goal of $4,991 USD and has already made more than half of that goal by the time of this writing.

As an unusual style of game for a console as old as the Sega Genesis, Hunter Girls plays like an endless runner game that you may have played on a mobile device before, though Hunter Girls is not endless. This game stars, by order of their formation within the game, Agnes with her sword and shield, Kim with her bow and arrow, and Flora with her magical staff. All three girls run together automatically and each has their specialty for dealing with enemies in their paths, similar to The Lost Vikings, which is cited as an inspiration on the Kickstarter page. You’ll have to use each girl’s skills at the right time to direct them past each enemy, because if even one of them is attacked, you’ll have to start the level all over again.

Throughout the game, you’ll be treated to full screen cutscenes that flesh out the journey of these titular hunter girls, which are quite detailed and should be enticing enough to get you to check in after the break just to see them.

If this sounds interesting to you, head on over to the Kickstarter page and consider backing the project to help the developers along. You can support for as little as $7 USD, which doesn’t get you a thing in return and is just a minimum for you to show your support. Pledging $11 will earn you a digital ROM of the game along with a digital soundtrack, pledging $36 will earn you that along with a physical cartridge, and the maximum pledge of $46 gets you the cartridge in a box with a printed manual, plus the digital ROM and soundtrack. If you need further convincing, a free downloadable demo ROM has been prepared that you can play in your favorite Genesis emulator or a flashcart on real Genesis hardware.

Just like the last time I talked about a new game on Kickstarter, I feel the need to remind you fine readers that Kickstarter is not a simple store. Pledging money for a work-in-progress game there funds its development and whether you get your rewards depends on if the game manages to finish development. The developer should do their best to update you on how they’re progressing, but do not pledge to any Kickstarter if you are not prepared to say goodbye to whatever money you pledge for good, because you are not guaranteed a refund should things go south. Thankfully, PSCD Games has launched plenty of Genesis games before, so it is likely Hunter Girls should come out just fine. Whether or not the game ends up good is a different story.

With that being said, that’s another brand new development for Sega Genesis, keeping the now (as of August 14th, anyway) 34 year old console alive for another day. Tell us all about how much that excites you in the comments below.


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  1. Berto says:

    It’s already 80% funded with 26 days to go. I guess it will be fully funded soon.

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