Official Genesis/Mega-Drive 99Vidas port “Mega 99Vidas” announced; physical cartridge coming soon

Announced just yesterday in their QByte Connect 2023 showcase, Brazilian game publisher QByte Interactive have announced an official Genesis/Mega-Drive port of 99Vidas, a classic indie beat-em-up that they released to modern platforms in 2016. No release date was given yet, but they have made it clear that they intend to make this available as a working Genesis cartridge, giving enthusiasts of original hardware something new to look forward to.

Check in after the break for more info on this exciting new retro game and the original 99Vidas game.

99Vidas was meant to be a loving tribute to the best and most influential beat-em-ups in gaming history, like Double Dragon, Battletoads, Final Fight, and Streets of Rage, and was already a fittingly retro looking game, but this brings it to the next level of retro. No doubt the Genesis was chosen to be the retro console of choice for this due to the continuing dominance of the Mega-Drive, and its predecessor the Master System, in that region.

As usual, you’ll hear from us here at Segabits when a release date and price for Mega 99Vidas is finally announced. Until then, you can also check out the original version of 99Vidas on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox, and Steam. Links to each version of the game, as well as additional info about it, are all available here at the 99Vidas official website. Tell us what you think about all this in the comments below.

UPDATE: It’s been revealed that Mauro Xavier is on the development of Mega 99Vidas. Mauro Xavier is also heading the development of Final Fight MD, an amazing fanmade Genesis port of Capcom’s arcade classic, and one of the inspirations for 99Vidas, Final Fight. Final Fight MD is still work-in-progress as of this writing. Still, based on that, I’d say Mega 99Vidas is in excellent hands.



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