Homebrew Games Summer Showcase 2024 showcases 120 new homebrew games, including many for Sega consoles

Yesterday, on June 6th, 2024, NES Homebrew developer extraordinaire Matt Hughson aired the second ever Homebrew Games Summer Showcase video presentation. The 34 minute long presentation showcased a whooping 120 games across many retro game systems, most notably including many Genesis/Mega-Drive, Master System, and Game Gear games, as well as even one Saturn game and two Dreamcast games. You can also expect many games for NES, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and SNES, as well as two Turbografx-16 games and even a Virtual Boy game. This is one video you can’t miss if you’re really interested in seeing what talented developers are doing with long retired game hardware today.

You can watch the whole video above, but join me past the break for a quick list of all the games shown that are coming to Sega platforms, as well as links to follow their developers and/or download the games.

Here is the full list of games, by order of their place in the showcase:

  1. The Eldritch Monarch (Genesis) by Diego Flôor (Twitter) (Patreon)
  2. Retro Game Hunters (Genesis) by Sevilha (YouTube) (itch.io)
  3. Mai Nurse (Master System, Game Gear, Game Boy, and Turbografx-16) by lunoka (itch.io)
  4. Lunatic Fighters (Genesis) by Devila Games (facebook) (Twitter) (YouTube)
  5. Herakles 32 – Cosmic Labours of Eternity (Genesis) by CaptN_TABASCO/Kraft Games (BlueSky Social) (YouTube)
  6. Dangerous Demolition (Game Gear) by Dr. Ludos (Ludos Science) (itch.io)
  7. Lufthoheit (Genesis) by Shannon Birt, Carson Glaser, and Cyan & Laurent Crouset (Twitter) (YouTube)
  8. Seesaw Space Security Squad (Genesis) by Safety Stoat Studios (That’s a stupendous surplus of S’s) (itch.io)
  9. Find The Wordy Gems (Master System) by Z80ASMprogrammer2022 (SMS Power!)
  10. The Sword of Stone (Game Gear) by cireza games (We wrote about this game before.) (Pre-order physical copies on 2Minds) (Try the demo on SMS Power!)
  11. True Galactic Mission (Genesis) by Davila Games (facebook) (Twitter) (YouTube)
  12. L’abbaye des morts (Genesis) by Alekmule Studio (Twitter)
  13. Frontier Force (Master System) by badcomputer (Twitter)
  14. The Storied Sword (Dreamcast, NES) by Bite The Chili/Raft Labs (Bite The Chili website)
  15. Cyber Mission (Genesis) by PSCD Games (Patreon) (Instagram) (Official website) (Twitter)
  16. Chords (Genesis) by Pixel Pusher Games (YouTube)
  17. Slow Mole 2: Mega Slow Mole (Genesis) by Slow Mole Studio (We’ve also written about this game before.) (itch.io)
  18. Slow Mole + (Dreamcast, NES) by Slow Mole Studio (itch.io)
  19. Yeah Yeah Beebiss 2 + (Genesis) by PSCD Games (Patreon) (Instagram) (Official website) (Twitter)
  20. Epsilon Wave (Formerly called “Mega Reso”) (Genesis) by Space Pants Games (Twitter)
  21. Stygian Quest (Master System) by Danara Games (SMS Power!)
  22. Coloco DX (Genesis) by Tuxedo Games (Official website)
  23. Stack’n Attack (Genesis) by Rigg’d Games/Second Dimension (John Riggs (Rigg’d Games) YouTube)
  24. Spaghetti Numbers (Master System) by Z80ASMprogrammer2022 (SMS Power!)
  25. Mythdragon: A Game of Hunting (Genesis) by Safety Sloat Studios (That’s a lot less S’s) (itch.io)
  26. Lost Days 0 (Saturn) by Neuromage Studio (itch.io)
  27. Fruit Factory (Master System) by Unreprise (Official website)
  28. Phantom Gear (Genesis) by Bits Rule (Linktr.ee)

There you go. 28 all new homebrew Sega games either coming out soon or available right this second. Give the developers a follow and try their games. Check out this Google spreadsheet for the full list of every game from the showcase. For even more games, check out last year’s showcase.

And because Matt Hughson took time out of his busy development schedule to organize this showcase, we’ll be good sports and mention his NES game Super Sunny World, which was also in the showcase. Follow him on Twitter and try his games games out too.

Be sure to tell us in the comments below if any of these games look interesting to you. If you played any of the games already available, let us know what you think of them.



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  1. Bertodecosta says:

    MegaReso has actually been renamed into Epsilon Wave

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