New Trailer for Dreamcast’s Sturmwind

Recently, redspotgames CEO, Max Scharl revealed their latest Dreamcast title “Sturmwind” on national television (German tv show “Neues” in a segment on underdogs). Since then, Sturmwind has received a lot of positive press even though only a handful of screen shots have been shown. Today we feast our eyes on.

The reason for all the excitement is that Sturmwind is an original Dreamcast game, built from the ground up to take advantage of Sega’s hardware, where as recently released shump Fast Striker (on sale at Play-Asia & NG:Dev.Direct) an excellent game in it’s own right is an enhanced Neo-Geo Port.

Fun Fact: A recurring theme in Dreamcast games these days is that Duranik the studio behind Sturmwind is composed off 2 brothers, just like KonTechs (DUX), NG:Dev.Team (Last Hope), Senile Team (Rush Rush Rally Racing), Yuan Works (Wind & Water: Puzzle Battles).

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Recently, redspotgames revealed their latest Dreamcast title on “neues,” a news program on the German channel 3sat. There Max Scharl, CEO of redspotgames, presented Sturmwind for Dreamcast for the first time, including scenes from the game. But aside from a few clips in the background, this announcement was largely comprised of screenshots rather than video.

Since then, Sturmwind has been the recipient of wide-ranging international media feedback. The interest in this Shoot ‘em Up for the last Sega platform has taken hold not only in the Dreamcast scene, but far beyond. redspotgames has been thrilled to receive such interest from outside the target audience.

Now redspotgames, an indie publisher based in Munich and Duranik, a two-man developer team from Erlenmoos, Germany, present the official Sturmwind trailer on their YouTube pages. The trailer features several levels as well as some of the game’s impressive bosses. It has also been revealed that the environment is completely destructable and that the game will feature vertical scrolling sections in addition to the horizontal. Sturmwind is still on target for a Q2 2011 release.

Preorder can be made at As the publishers note, payment is not required until Sturmwind becomes available.

The trailer is available on YouTube and Vimeo.

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16 responses to “New Trailer for Dreamcast’s Sturmwind

  1. DCGX says:

    Damn that looks good. I wish they would start taking preorders at Play-Asia already before the coupon I have expires.

  2. cube_b3 says:

    I'd recommend ordering from redspotgames store, it would be cheaper and you'd get a lot of fun stuff i.e. stickers, flyers, and candy.

  3. CrazyTails says:


  4. SEGA Pluto says:

    Hello, everybody.

    I´m new here and not a native speaker.

    This trailer makes me wonder if a dreamcast sonic 4 version would be possible.

  5. George says:

    Hey SEGA Pluto

    Welcome. Sonic 4 on Dreamcast would have been very possible, since the game started life as a iPhone game.

  6. SEGA Pluto says:

    Thank you George.

    I think SEGA should release some commemorative titles on Dreamcast. It wouldn´t hurt since they might be pre-ordered.

  7. DCGX says:

    cube_b3 When Rush Rush Rally Racing came out I was going to get it from redspotgames's store but shipping was something like $12-15. Even from Germany that's ridiculous.

  8. cube_b3 says:

    @ Sega Pluto: We Won't get official Dreamcast games cause by the end of 2002 Sega West ended GD-Rom Production, and by the end of 2007 Sega East did as well.

    That is why the fans have taken matters in to their own hands.

    @DCGX: Yeah they had some kinks, but they have revized the shipping prices now. Also the game price is substantially cheaper.

    They also have some nice shirts.

  9. DCGX says:

    If they've altered/lowered shipping, then I would have no issue ordering from them indeed.

  10. Yeah, the high shipping at Redspot's store is what led me to buy from Play-Asia for Rush Rush and W&W. But if they lowered shipping, then sign me up!

  11. Wilhelm says:

    Hold up, Sega doesn't distribute GD-Rom anymore, what's Redspot using for media? 90min CDs?

  12. cube_b3 says:

    For the most part yes.

    CD's can go up to 800 MB as well, but it isn't like they need it, few DC Games have actually made use of the 1.4GB space of the Giga Disks.

  13. -nSega54- says:

    Do these games play on the DC without the requirement of a Boot Disc?

  14. Max says:

    Hello everyone. I really appreciate your nice feedback!

    Due to the inquiries concerning the shipping rates, I want to explain the situation:

    Actually the shipping to the US is already as low as possible. We are in dependence of Deutsche Post ("German Mail"), who only have three different shipping zones: Germany, Europe and "Rest of the World". Even though we can send to countries like Japan, Brasil or Russia for human prices, this also means that it's the same rate to the US. Cheaper services aren't available in Germany, even though there are plenty of them. offers such a low shipping rate because Hong Kong Post is already pretty cheap (even more than the cheap rates in the US), and I guess they have a special agreement since they are shipping hundreds of parcels a week. We don't reach such numbers and therefor we only can offer the rates already we have.

    But on the other hand you receive small, limited extras with all our orders from the redspotgames online shop, such as game stickers. Also you are supporting the developers and us as the publisher much more with an order at because we receive much less from wholesalers like than we do from our own shop.

    Thanks again for your interest in Sturmwind! We are looking forward to keep you informed about this project.

  15. cube_b3 says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome redspotgames Head Honcho MAX SCHARL.

    @-nSega54- yes, all indie games work without boot disk. They are Self Bootable, lol.

  16. Be very careful about ordering games from Redspotgames.

    I pre-ordered and prepaid 131,00 euro in December 2011 for the games Sturmwind and Fast striker.

    The company ran into trouble for the production of Sturmwind but pretended to have solved the problems and put on a so called release date of April 24th.

    They also promised delivery for Europeans withing two weeks.

    Many people including me have not received anything. The company no longer replies to inquiries, their phone number is just hooked to an answering service and they refuse to make a refund.

    See the numerous complaints at their Facebooksite.

    Don’t say you have not been warned.

    bertrandcroft, Mechelen (Belgium)

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