Sonic Talk #1: “If You Have Time To Worry… Podcast!”

Hello folks and welcome to my first of what I hope is many podcasts related to the world of Sonic. Every two weeks me, nuckles87 and a guest will be discussing all the latest things in Sonic media. Games, comics, cartoons and more! Our first episode was a little rough, but it’s gonna be like that when just starting out. Read on to see what we talk about this week or start listening below.
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Mario & Sonic at the London Olympic Games 3DS gets two new commercials

If there is one thing that the Mario & Sonic fanchise knows how to do, it’s advertise. They have some of the best commercials in the industry, and watching these two new ads makes me want to get up and buy the game. I have actually played the demo and it was pretty decent. I’m not super into mini games, but these titles just keep getting better and better.

Who knows, maybe one day SEGA and Nintendo will wise up and drop the Olympic license? I can dream, can’t I? Hit the jump for the second ad.

Mario and Sonic 2012 Demo on 3DS eShop

The demo for Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympics is now available on the 3DS eShop! The demo features five events, including a timed jumping game and a bike riding mini game. The character selection for these events are random, so there is a chance you will be able to play as your favorite Sonic character/least favorite Mario character. Since I know a few people from Sonic Stadium were curious about this, no, the story mode is not in the demo.

You can expect some impressions of the demo in the coming days, however one thing I can definitely say here and now is, if you haven’t cared for past Mario and Sonic games, there isn’t much in this demo to change your mind.

Mario and Sonic will arrive in stores on February 14th.

Rhythm Thief, Mario and Sonic Demos Hitting European 3DS eShop


It’s taken nearly a year, but 3DS demos are finally going to be available on the eShop in Europe this week. Of course we don’t care about Resident Evil Revelations and Cooking Mama 4! So, what SEGA games will be made available on the eShop? Rhythm Thief and Maro and Sonic. No word on when these games will be made available, but with both games arriving in stores soon it will hopefully be sooner rather then later.

Update: Mario and Sonic has been confirmed to be hitting the American 3DS eShop on January 26th. No word on Rhythm Thief.

Review: Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

When the first Mario and Sonic title hit in 2007, it was a major deal. Two video game rivals competing in a shared title! Unfortunately, once the novelty of seeing Nintendo and SEGA’s mascots together wore off, what players were left with was a so-so mini-game compilation with the best moments being the Dream Events and remixed music tracks from both series. In 2009 the series returned with Mario and Sonic competing in the Winter Olympics, and while it wasn’t a huge improvement over the first game, it was a better title thanks to improved controls, more characters and more events. Now the Mario and Sonic universes go head to head in a third Olympics, is this time just more of the same or is the third try a charm? Read on to find out!

Mario and Sonic 2012 London Olympics is now available! Check out the launch trailer.

Out of the 15 billion games released yesterday, you may have missed that Mario and Sonic 2012 London Olympics has been launched. The game has twenty Olympic events, ten Dream Events (three of which are based off levels from…Sonic Heroes?), and over fifty mini games in London Party mode. There’s achievements to unlock, scratch tickets to win prizes like music unlocks, costumes and more! If you’re a fan of games like Mario Party, be sure to check it out.

A Share of M&S Profits Paying for 2012 Olympics, Some Dream Events Detailed

According to a TotalVideoGames interview with Mario & Sonic developers, a share of the profits from the next Mario and Sonic game will be going towards funding the London 2012 Olympics.

In addition to this, they also gave details on two dream events that will be in the game:

In the case of Yoshi’s Island – I mean Dream Long Jump – we came up with this idea of having four characters racing with each other and hopping on the clouds, so we felt that that location would suit it best.

For the full interview, head over to TotalVideoGames.