Sonic the Hedgehog and Friends concept art revealed

SonicConcept1During the Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary event over in Japan, Sonic Team presented early concepts for Sonic the Hedgehog and Friends. Some of the weirdest early prototypes included rabbit Sonic the Hedgehog, headband wearing Silver the Hedgehog and scarred up Shadow the Hedgehog. If you are a hedgehog, you started out with some weird designs.

Check out the concept art for Sonic the Hedgehog and Friends below. Tell us what you think of these early concept art prototypes and if they did right with the final designs. Of course, these are just more of the popular Sonic the Hedgehog and Friends designs as they didn’t show a lot of the more niche characters (Fang, please Sonic Team).

[Via NeoGAF]

SEGA Five: A Salute to the SEGA All-Stars Part 3

As we move into November we reach the home stretch: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed releases THIS MONTH. On November 18th to be exact. This week we continue our salute to the SEGA All-Stars with two of Sonic’s earliest rivals, Knuckles and Metal Sonic, as well as NiGHTS’ rival Reala. We also feature B.D. Joe of Crazy Taxi fame and the dwarf legend Gilius Thunderhead of Golden Axe. If you missed Part 1 and Part 2, what are you waiting for? check them out! If you’ve been following with us all along, continue our series with part 3 after the break.

Sonic 4 News: Metal Sonic playable in episode 1, sand zone revealed and release dates!

Gamespot’s On the Spot internet show has just revealed that Metal Sonic will be playable in Sonic 4 Episode 1. Dubbed “Episode Metal”, the new play mode will be unlocked for owners of both episodes. Episode Metal promises: a playable Metal Sonic (duh), four exclusive levels and promises that fans will “discover the rebirth of Metal Sonic”. So a Sonic CD side story, perhaps? Ken Balough likened it to Sonic & Knuckles Lock-On technology. The episode 1 stages are reworked and are promised to bridge the gap between Sonic CD and Sonic 4. The show also revealed a new trailer showing off a sand zone that up until now was only seen in a single screen leaked on Release dates were also given for the game: May 15th – PS3, May 16th – Xbox 360, May – PC, iOSn Tegra devices, June – Android, July – Windows phone. You can view the full video here, skip to 29:00.

Famitsu Scans Reveal Chemical Plant and Stardust Speedway for Generations

The recently released issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu spills the beans on two hotly anticipated classic Sonic zones making their return: Sonic 2’s Chemical Plant and Sonic CD’s Stardust Speedway. The first is a full blown classic and modern stage, featuring the iconic yellow and blue paths and copper colored factories of Chemical Plant. Stardust Speedway will be the location for Sonic’s race, and possible battle, with the recently revealed rival Metal Sonic. The magazine also shows what appear to be the 3DS special stages, taken from Sonic Heroes.

After the break, drool over the scans!

Sonic’s Facebook Page Reveals Classic Metal Sonic!

The little metal manace returns! Sonic the Hedgehog’s Facebook page has just revealed the CG render for Metal Sonic as he will appear in Sonic Generations. What’s special about this iteration of Sonic’s doppelganger is that unlike recent video game appearances of Metal, this version is based on the classic Sonic CD design. Shorter limbs, bigger head, round eyes and pure evil. I love it! Now my fingers are crossed for a Sonic CD stage in which you battle Metal. Based on the design, I’d say we’re getting one.

Check out the full sized image at SEGA’s Flickr page.

$175 dollar Metal Sonic figurine available for pre-order

First4Figures will be releasing two versions of their Metal Sonic figure, one will be the exclusive edition that lights up, is limited to 300 units and costs $174.99. The second will be called the Standard version which comes at $154.99, still expensive.

The statue is only available in US and Canada, not that I think many of you would be pre-ordering it. But I like giving you guys a heads up on stuff, so you guys are well informed.

Head over to Sonic Stadium to check out the full gallery of images. Hit the jump for the press release.