Review: Thor: God of Thunder (PS3)

Thor has always been one of my favorite Marvel superheroes as a kid. So I was thrilled to find out there was going to be a Hollywood movie based on him and that SEGA was going to make a video game. Did the game match a fan’s expectations?

Plot spoiler: No.

Review: Sonic Adventure (PSN)

Sonic Adventure was one of the first titles available on the Dreamcast, when it released in the United States back in 1999. Now the game is being ported over to the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

Is Sonic Adventure an old relic that should have stayed on Dreamcast or does its new outing show everyone how great the game always was?

The Firecore Genesis Reviewed

Before the insanity that is E3 begins, I thought I’d give a hardware review of the Firecore Classic Console. Manufactured by Innex under license by SEGA, the Firecore is essentially a mini SEGA Genesis. Fittingly, it was around this time last year that the Firecore as well as its mobile brother the Retrogen were previewed at E3. You can check out the video preview if you’d like, but I warn you: a cringe inducing interview awaits.

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