Official Sonic Monopoly board revealed

Via the USAopoly Facebook page comes the finished board for the upcoming Sonic Monopoly game. Just standing back and looking at it, it’s a really great looking board! Graphics look nice, a ton of zones and stages are represented. And unlike the Nintendo Monopoly game, thought has been put into the properties. Seriously, the Nintendo Monopoly was garbage compared to this beauty. Players bought characters like property and built houses on them. How does that work? Gives a whole new meaning to Hotel Mario. After the break, a full listing of the properties.

Pumpkin Hill
Metal Harbour

Light Blue
City Escape
Mystic Mansion
Frog Forest

Seaside Hill
Speed Highway
Sky Sanctuary

Chemical Plant
Green Hill
Babylon Garden

Metal City
Sand Ruins

Sweet Mountain
Empire City

Sylvania Castle
Planet Wisp
Tropical Resort

Splash Hill
Mad Gear

Tornado/Extreme Gear/Egg Mobile/Speed Star

Electric/Water Works
Team Chaotix/Team Babylon

Special thanks to Sonic Stadium’s Blue Blood for putting together the above list. Fans have taken note that the Genesis/Mega Drive games really get the shaft with only three properties representing the classics, and all three are from Sonic Generations. Meanwhile, Sonic 4 receives three properties and Sonic Riders, a spin-off title, receives two. If you’d like to see a breakdown of which games have stages represented, check out this Sonic Stadium post. If you’re really bothered by the property selection, just use my custom Sonic Hogopoly board.


7 responses to “Official Sonic Monopoly board revealed

  1. -nSega54- says:

    Or you can contact me on Twitter with news stories, and I’m sure many of the other writers too.

  2. Dubba814 says:

    I’m totally gonna buy this! 😀

  3. radrappy says:

    It’s true that there isn’t enough megadrive representation but it is still lovely seeing the big three (sonic,tails,knuckles) featured so predominantly! Heck there are hardly any tertiary characters to be found(other than the babylon rogues/chaotix penalty spaces which I can live with)

    Sonic franchise image +1

  4. ribbitking17 says:

    That Hogopoly board is crazy. What did you make that for? Its great.

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