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Sonic Talk Episode 15 – “And a heeyy nonny nonny!”

Posted by ShigsFollow Shigs on Twitter! on Dec 11th, 2012


So Shigs and Nux did record another pocast ’tis true.

They talked about the new gaming system known as the Wii U

They discussed some news, comics and racing that’s transformed.

While Nux sang off-key, which for him is quite the norm.

An a heeyy nonny nonny!

Show notes after the break!

What we’ve been playing. (AKA The Wii U talk.)


Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Generations soundtracks available on iTunes

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed Wii U patch has arrived!

Sol Challenges fans to come up with top characters for DLC in All-Stars racing. Top 3 picks so far are Ryo Hazuki, Hatsune Miku and Segata Sanshiro.

Sonic Jump Update. New levels. Playable Amy.

3DS and Vita version of S&ASRT rumored to be delayed till after Christmas (VITA version out now in the UK)

Comic Talk:

Sonic Universe #46

Game Talk: Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed

2 thoughts on “Sonic Talk Episode 15 – “And a heeyy nonny nonny!””

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  1. SonicSays says:

    Is that a Shakespeare reference in my Sonic? Maybe the end times are near….

    1. Shigs says:

      Nah. In the comics, there is a character called “Rob-O The Hedge”. A sort of hedgehog parody of Robin Hood (also, a cousin of Amy Rose). This is his band of merry men that the Chaotix have come across as they are looking for their friends Mighty and Ray in Sonic Universe #46.

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