Wingman SD Review: Use Modern Controllers & Arcade Sticks on SEGA Dreamcast & Saturn

There has been quite a surge in retro gaming devices that offering ways to modernize your SEGA consoles, one of these new interesting devices we have seen online is the Wingman SD Converter for the SEGA Dreamcast and Saturn, which I found out about online because it allows you to use modern USB fight sticks on both retro consoles. Let’s take a deep dive into what the Wingman SD Converter offers and if it fulfills all the promises it makes. According to the site the device offers the ability to use modern game pads and fightsticks along with rumble support and a full memory card for the Dreamcast. Let’s get into the review.


6 responses to “Wingman SD Review: Use Modern Controllers & Arcade Sticks on SEGA Dreamcast & Saturn

  1. Big Jon says:

    Speaking of the arcades, it’s sad to see Sega-Sammy has now just decided to close all Sega arcade venues, 2 months ago it was just 1 of their 4 mqin ones but now they’ve decided to pack it all in.

  2. Freddy Caraker says:

    Fungsi kaca film pada mobil sejatinya adalah mengurangi intensitas cahaya sang surya yang masuk ke dalam kabin. Tapi, adakah fungsi … kunjungi untuk info lebih lanjut

  3. Napoleon Howerter says:

    Fungsi utama kaca film ialah sebagai alat penolak panas sang surya sehingga kabin kendaraan semakin teduh. Disamping itu, kaca film juga punya fungsi… segera meluncur ke jika Anda tertarik

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