Could we see more Virtual On in 2015?


Virtual On recently had a ‘memorial talk show’ live on Nico Nico where SEGA designer Mori Yasuhiro and model makers Volks and Hasegawa talked about the franchise’s history and creation of the model toys for the franchise. They showed off some matches and then Mori made some comments about the future of the franchise.

“Virtual On is still alive! Something might wake up [on Virtual On’s 20th anniversary]” – Mori Yasuhiro

What does this mean? Who knows. I guess we will find out sometime in 2015 when the franchise celebrates its 20th anniversary. Do you guys think there is a market for a brand new, next generation Virtual On?

Virtua Striker and Virtual-On re-releases to remain Japan exclusive

Back in November, SEGA released three awesome Model 2 fighting games to XBLA and PSN: Fighting Vipers, Virtua Fighter 2, and Sonic the Fighters. Two other Model 2 titles were also on the horizon: Cyber Troopers Virtual-On and Virtua Striker. However, as the Japan release date for these titles approaches (February 13th), SEGA West has said nothing of a release outside Japan. Hoping for an answer, fans reached out to the Virtual-On team who replied that SEGA has “no plan to re-release them in other area”. While this isn’t SEGA West shooting down any plans for a release, it does make it clear that internally there is no release planned.

Model 2 collection confirmed. STF with playable Eggman, Metal Sonic and….Honey the Cat!!

UPDATE: The three Model 2 Fighters (VF2, FV, STF) will be bundled for $15 on PSN. Those three come out this fall and the other two are “Winter 2013” These are Japanese dates so no official dates for America/Europe yet.

HOLY S@#$!!

Remember when the rumor of this was first leaked and I asked Sega for a playable Honey the Cat? My wish came true!

Coming this fall through winter (to Japan at least) is a Model 2 Collection. five of Sega’s classic Model 2 games retailing roughly around 800MS Points ($10) each while if the translation is correct, PSN gets a 3-pack for $15. Some games prices are not known yet. This is a rough translation. Games included are…

Virtua Fighter 2
Sonic the Fighters
Virtua Striker
Fighting vipers
Virtual On

It is unknown what bonus features will be included at this time except for the 3 newly playable characters in Sonic The fighters. It appears that through a poor translation, most if not all five games should have online, though it’s not 100% confirmed. UPDATE: OFFICIAL SITE CONFIRMS VF2, FIGHTING VIPERS AND STF TO HAVE 2-PLAYER ONLINE! Did Sega hire a wish-granting Genie? rough translation after the jump. Also, you can check out the official site here.

Mie Kumagai discusses VT4

Australian Gamer recently sat down with famed SEGA developer Mie Kumagai, the first ever female president of an internal development team (Hitmaker). She has worked on titles in the Virtua Tennis and Virtual On franchises.

In a surprisingly short interview, she discusses a bit about Virtua Tennis 4, and tells us that SEGA is looking to continue Virtual On. Hmm….

Check out the rest below.

[Source: Australian Gamer]

Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Sings About Virtual On

‘Meanwhile in Japan…’

Well, he’s probably singing about Virtual On anyway.

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t really know what’s going on here but he does seem to be singing to promote Virtual On 4 Force. He even shows off the collectors’ edition at the end of the video.

What else is there to say? He’s got a lovely singing voice and seems very passionate about big robots.

Virtual On 4 Force is will released for Xbox360, in Japan very soon. A western release for the game is yet to be announced. Fingers crossed!

Japanese Virtual On Force commercial

Microsoft has a new series of commercials rolling out in Japan. They are all based around this X character which has an Xbox symbol for his head… Yeah I don’t get it either but there you go.

It seems there is already one for Virtual-On Force. You gotta admit Temjin looks pretty cool in CGI!

Co-Worker1: This thing sure got delivered beautifully!
Co-Worker2: Is this shoe Italian?

Co-Worker1: Hey you! I told you not to use oil on it!
Xboxman: X! (subtitled: I am sorry)

Co-Worker1: How about you big-project-fella?
Co-Worker1: No answer huh? haha!

Narrator: Virtual On is in its way for Xbox.
Co-Worker2: That thing is great!

Virtual-On 4 Force for XBLA?

Someone, somewhere has discovered something awesome, Sega have recently registered a new websites.

Currently the site isn’t ‘working’ there is nothing on it, but the URL already gives away some interesting clues as to what’s going down.

Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram sold well on XBLA and it was recently revealed that the game is indeed profitable. So it only makes sense to bring more Virtual-On too the service.

Roll on Virtual-On 4 Force! This is actually the 3rd game in the series not the 4th as you may think from the title. The 4 in the title actually stands for something far, far cooler! Because in VO 4 Force you can play 4 player! As far as I can remember this is a 2vs2 affair.

At the moment we are going to file this under rumour, but even at this point it seems fairly likely.