SEGAbits teams up with Square-Enix fan site

We promised an exciting future for SEGAbits and we are going to deliver. We have decided to team up with a Final Fantasy website and launch Square-Enix Bits; which we hope will be your number one source for Final Fantasy and Square-Enix related news.

As a way to celebrate our new venture, we have decided to theme our site in celebration of this event. Have fun and remember, blue skies in games.

Virtua Fighter meets Street Fighter

Check out SEGA of Japan’s new April Fools video for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown. They are showing the new gameplay, but does it remind you of another game?

Maybe it is a game called Super Street Fighter 4. Maybe? Just a bit? Pretty cool prank, lets hope they keep it up.

[Thanks: STORM!]

Goozex adds SEGA Genesis and SEGA CD trading

Anyone here can tell you that I love Goozex. It basically lets you trade in games you never play, for points that you use on Goozex to get other games. So you never really trade a game for a game. It has a 100% guarantee and no one rips you on shipping (like ebay).

“Since we launched our site in 2006, a frequently asked question has been about adding classic game system titles to our service. We’re happy to say that we are going to meet that demand. Our focus has been to become the best in online game trading and adding retro titles to our service helps maintain that vision. Like many of our members, we’re excited about trading classic games from the titles that started it all!” –Jonathan Dugan, COO and co-founder of Goozex

The site already had SEGA Dreamcast trading, so adding SEGA Genesis and SEGA CD is makes me very happy. All we need is SEGA Saturn. Since its my post, I can put a referral link to sign up.

Sega defends PC game sales

It has long been said that PC gaming is in decline, much too many PC gamers dismay! In steps Sega Europe’s John Clark to defend PC gaming and throw in a little boast about Sega’s share of the market while he’s at it!

According to Clark chart tracking of PC gaming is being recorded wrong due to a large number of digital distributed not being recorded. With digital distribution a small, but growing market. It apparently makes up quite a large portion of Sega’ PC sale revenue.

Read some highlights from MCVUK after the jump!

After Burner Climax coming April

After Burner Climax is set to hit XBLA on April 21st and on PSN April 22nd. The price for the complete game will be $10 USD (800 microsoft pts).

That is incredible deal for 20 levels and 3 planes to choose from. Not to mention the graphics look awesome and you save some quarters.

[Source: Kotaku]

Mikami’s new game is Krieg [Update]

[Update: Members at NeoGAF have said this is fake. We will have to wait a few days to confirm 100%. But the guy has posted fake entries before. So take this post with a grain of salt till its 100%]

Mikami (father of Resident Evil, director of the upcoming Vanquish) has announced a new title with his own game studio. The new game will be called Krieg, a German word that means “war, conflict and confrontation.” The game will be a Playstation 3 exclusive. Stated in the Famitsu scans, German metal bands will make up the soundtrack for the game (Nazaroth ist krieg?).

The game is about nature vs. man, after a long time of us using nature, it has decided to fight back.  The result is total chaos, some of the examples is snow storms and that sort of stuff. Mikami stated that many of the planet’s animals have ‘mutated’. Protagonist doesn’t have a name yet, but in the artwork its a boy that apparently woke up with no memory in a destroyed laboratory, searching for clues and having no real goal.

Hit the jump for more information and scans…

This week in gaming: The Witch returns

This is something I always wanted to do on a Sunday, this will be a weekly feature where I post links to stories in gaming for the week that I liked or seen around. This means it won’t be SEGA related, most likely.

  • – The Witcher 2 debut trailer – The surprise may have been killed off due to alpha footage being leaked, the debut trailer for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is still very impressive. Developers have stated this is more  ‘non-linear’ compared to the first game; can’t wait!
  • No Penny Arcade Episode 3Even though I can’t walk around here all high and mighty, condemning you all for not buying the first 2 episodes; because I have not played them. But it is a bit sad seeing another episodic series fail.
  • Xbox Game Room launches – Microsoft’s Xbox Game Room has launched, a bit rough at first but seems to be running fine for me. Problem is there is not much stuff to do. Fan reaction has been mixed.
  • Biggest winners and losers for March – Can you believe that SEGA made it in at number 2? Go SEGA. Check out the other 5 winners.

So what stories did you guys read this week that you guys liked?

GameStop sale = cheap SEGA games

GameStop is having their yearly “Game Days” sale, where you can get brand spanking new titles for cheaper than they usually go. Some of the SEGA deals are hit and miss, especially the Wii titles.

Sonic Unleashed (360, PS3, Wii) – $14.99
Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection (360) – $17.99 – (PS3) $14.99

SEGA cancels Genesis iPhone app

SEGA promised to release an app called “SEGA Ultimate Genesis Collection” which would let you download and play other SEGA Genesis games. It was suppose to be out February. What happen?

SEGA has canceled the app, stating SEGA is changing its iPhone and iPod Touch strategy. Hopefully this means more quality control, because the last Genesis games they released ran like crap. How about a Space Channel 5 port? That should work well.

[Source: PocketGamer]

SEGA Genesis games coming to Xbox’s Game Room?

Microsoft has launched their Game Room, with mixed views; but after trying it myself it is rather good (could use better selection of games). Seems that the developers have sprinkled some clues of what will  coming, one of the teasers is Mega Drive/Genesis titles?

I mean, there is only one console that has a controller like SEGA’s Mega Drive/Genesis, it had a very unique look. Also, its not like SEGA does not like releasing Genesis/Mega Drive games over and over again. I can see this happening, now give us Toe Jam & Earl!

[Thanks for the picture SEGA Uranus]

Dragon King roars, Yakuza 4 debut sales

Following up from Yakuza 3, SEGA would need something a bit more if they expected to beat the series best selling week one title, did Yakuza 4 manage to do it? Nagoshi reported that Yakuza 4 had the highest shipment for the series, so did the latest entry into the Yakuza series manage to break more than just faces? Read on!

Dress your Xbox avatar in SEGA gear

Got 160 MS points? You can make your avatar look like Ryo from Shenmue now. Yes, SEGA has unloaded a ton of clothing upon Xbox Live Marketplace for your avatar. Pick your poison:

Ryo Hazuki Jacket (160pts)
Dr.Eggman Glasses (80pts)
Crabmeat Prop (240pts)
Sonic Car Prop (240pts)
Tails Tornado Prop (240pts)
SEGA T-Shirt (80pts)
Billy Hatcher Helmet (80pts)

Tournament of Legends trailer and release info

SEGA has just released the boxart, pricing plan and trailer for the upcoming Tournament of Legends video game. Don’t know what Tournament of Legends is? Its the new game by High Voltage Software, the guys that did The Conduit.

The trailer above shows some cinematic stuff created via High Voltage’s Wii engine and if you hit the jump you will see the box art. Game will cost $29.99 when it comes out on July 6th.

Iron Man 2: Enemy Faction Trailer

Sega has recently revealed a new trailer for the upcoming Iron Man 2 game showcasing the types of enemies you’ll be taking on. The game follows a different storyline to the movie, and it seems players will be taking on the Crimson Dynamo and Ultimo amongst other Iron Man villians.
[SOURCE: Sega America YouTube]