New All-Stars Racing Transformed preview video shows off Seaside Hill on the Wii U

From the GamesRadar YouTube channel comes a preview video of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed running on the Wii U. The player notes that the frame rate isn’t the best, but at least we get a look at the new Seaside Hill track as well as the Wii U’s secondary screen. Seaside Hill, while the same location as seen in the first All-Stars Racing, has a completely new layout and is freshened up a bit thanks to the inclusion of a boating section as well as the presence of a giant mechanical squid which has tentacles that bear a striking resemblance to the boss from Sonic 2’s Oil Ocean Zone. Past interviews have also hinted at the stage having music other than the original stage music. One of the confirmed tracks being a remix of Super Sonic Racing. Meanwhile, the secondary screen shows an overhead view of the map which unfortunately distracts the player more than it assists them. Hopefully frame rate has since improved and there is an option to move the map to the television screen.


9 responses to “New All-Stars Racing Transformed preview video shows off Seaside Hill on the Wii U

  1. Amrith says:

    The frame rate…

  2. ShadiNeko says:

    framerate really tanks when the guy hits that water, lol, wii cpu can’t handle the water physics.

    • Radrappy says:

      The framerate problems are on sumo/sega and you know it

      this is what happens when you try to spread your game across 4 platforms.

  3. nuckles87 says:

    Man, I can’t wait for our next episode of Sonic Talk to go up…

  4. Tenko says:

    Considering the Wii U is a lot more powerful than the other consoles this is coming out on, i wouldn’t be concerned about water physics bringing it down. It is more likely that it just hasn’t been through its final checks etc, he did mention it was a work in progress build and not the final version.

    • Sybnios says:

      It is a indeed a work in progress but I wouldn’t bet on that Wii U is a lot more powerfull than the current gen consoles. Even the exclusive games like Zombi U are not impressive for a next gen console. Remeber when 360 and PS3 came out? You could see tremendous difference in the launch titles comparing them with PS2 and Xbox games.

  5. SkyBlue says:

    The track looks nice and colourful, the only problem with it was how bland the layout was.

    But I can understand that since it’s the very first track in the game (I presume…since it’s Sonic).

    • Radrappy says:

      there’s a video of shadow racing in the monkey ball track and it also looked extremely bland. Hope that’s not a thing.

    • SkyBlue says:

      Point taken, but I think it’s to emulate the Donkey Kong Dino Mountain track from Mario Kart since that track is pretty iconic for doing the same thing.

      If SMB and this are the first two tracks you race I don’t mind that at all.

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