Indie shmup NEO XYX releases today for the SEGA Dreamcast

It has been a busy time for indie SEGA Dreamcast games. Last month we saw the release of Redux: Dark Matters, next month is expected to see the release of Pier Solar, and today we see the release of NG:DEV.TEAM’s NEO XYX. Described as a maniac shooter, the game features 6 stages with 6 endbosses and 5 midbosses, all rendered in 16-bit hand-drawn graphics. The game supports the VMU, VGA out, and the Dreamcast arcade stick. The game also features both vertical (TATE) and horizontal (YOKO) controls, and depending on your screen orientation, the HUD changes to suit the screen mode.

You can purchase the game at the official NG:Dev.Team store, or you can find it for a bit less at Play-Asia in a Standard Edition release, a Limited Edition release which includes the game’s soundtrack, and a Collector’s Edition release.

Indie Dreamcast games roundup – Sturmwind, Redux, NEO XYX & Pier Solar

As the year draws to a close, as a Dreamcast fan I always like to look back on the indie Dreamcast titles that were released and announced in 2012. While the start of the 2012 looked great for indie Dreamcast fans, it ended up being a less than stellar year. Sturmwind, published by redspotgames and developed by Duranik, was meant to have a release in the second quarter of 2011. But manufacturing delays lead to a November 11th, 2011 release date. However, according to redspotgames ,the release date had been postposed yet again “due to difficulties with the CD factory”. As such, the release date changed to some time in 2012. Now, just a few weeks before 2013, the game has yet to be released and the latest update from redspotgames is that they “decided to work on the game even more. So the weapon system and the HUD has been improved.” A better game is always great, but in my opinion a year and a half delay is uncalled for. Those who put money down for a pre-order are sure to be angry at redspotgames by this point. Which is a shame, given their past high quality efforts including the awesome Wind & Water Puzzle Battles and Rush Rush Rally Racing.

The Weekly Five: Why Dreamcast fans should be playing Gunlord

The indie Dreamcast game Gunlord from NG:DEV.TEAM has been out for less than a month, and while I’m sure many fans of indie Dreamcast titles have picked it up and are enjoying it, there are always those who are still on the fence and are either waiting to hear more opinions or for a price drop. I’m sure there are also those who have their Dreamcast stashed away in a closet and need a reason to dig it out. In this week’s Weekly Five I thought I’d share five reasons why Gunlord is worthy of a Dreamcast fan’s collection.

NG:Dev.Team partners with redspotgames again

NG:Dev.Team were introduced to the Dreamcast-Scene by redspotgames when the company published the Neo-Geo port of Last Hope. Last year, while Rene Hellwig was doing a promotional interview for his side project DUX (Made by his solo company Hucast.Net in collabration with KonTechs) he revealed that NGDT weren’t satisfied with the way publishing was handled by RSG therefore DUX would be published by Hucast.Net only.

Right after Hucast.Net released DUX, NGDT released Pink Bullets (Director’s Cut version of Last Hope) the following week RSG announced that they would be serving as “Logistic Partners” and take over responsibilities of distribution and promotion for the 2 games. This resulted in the cheapest indie bundles of all things Dreamcast and since Fast-Striker came out, fans have been waiting for the 2 companies to team up again. It took a lot longer than expected and RSG won’t be serving as “Logistic Partners,” but they have stocked Fast-Striker and are offering economical bundles for Dreamcast enthusiast who want more for less.

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Review: Fast Striker Ver. 1.5

[Cover of the standard edition]

Fast Striker was developed by NG:DEV.TEAM for the Neo Geo MVS, later it was ported to the Dreamcast. This review will cover the Dreamcast port. This is going to be the first indie review for the site, I hope you enjoy it.

Updated 22/Feb: Fast-Striker Dreamcast Promo Spotted in Tokyo

Updated 22/Feb: NG:Dev.Team has confirmed this promo is made, but they found it cool as well.Feast your eyes on the first post GD-Rom Dreamcast Promo

Reported by Dreamcast-Scene yesterday. Certainly something you don’t see everyday. This is a photograph taken by Shumps.Com forum member ‘Rancor‘ in a retail videogame store featuring a large poster with info on the game, and an lcd monitor displaying what we can guess to be the trailer. This is probably the first post gd-rom era Dreamcast game to be promoted in a retail store, and I doubt it will be the last.

What I find intresting is the Dreamcast logo’s featured prominently on the promo; NG:Dev.Team or any other indie publisher all have been careful enough to never use any SEGA copyrighted material. Either NG:Dev.Team has earned approval from SEGA, or this promo is made by a die hard Dreamcast fanatic who wants to promote the game and SEGA’s last system. We have contacted NGDT for more information, for now this is filed under fan made.

Source: Shumps.Com

New Trailer for Dreamcast’s Sturmwind

Recently, redspotgames CEO, Max Scharl revealed their latest Dreamcast title “Sturmwind” on national television (German tv show “Neues” in a segment on underdogs). Since then, Sturmwind has received a lot of positive press even though only a handful of screen shots have been shown. Today we feast our eyes on.

The reason for all the excitement is that Sturmwind is an original Dreamcast game, built from the ground up to take advantage of Sega’s hardware, where as recently released shump Fast Striker (on sale at Play-Asia & NG:Dev.Direct) an excellent game in it’s own right is an enhanced Neo-Geo Port.

Fun Fact: A recurring theme in Dreamcast games these days is that Duranik the studio behind Sturmwind is composed off 2 brothers, just like KonTechs (DUX), NG:Dev.Team (Last Hope), Senile Team (Rush Rush Rally Racing), Yuan Works (Wind & Water: Puzzle Battles).

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