AvP engine already running on Sony’s NGP

Rebellion Studios has announced that their internal game engine known as Asura works on Sony’s PSP successor, NGP (codename). The technology was used to power the SEGA published Aliens vs. Predator last year.

“The technology, design and art teams have worked incredibly well with Sony’s newest device. We have managed to make our engine fully functional, and looking great on the hardware in double quick time. We’ll be attending DICE and GDC to show what we have created and look for business partners.”– CEO of Rebellion, Jason Kingsley.

The team now has a demonstrable demo running. Rebellion says it’s a “Multiplayer third person shooter”. Of course no one knows yet who the publisher will be or if its Aliens and Predator related. How did they get the engine working so fast? They said that the whole engine is internal, this includes physics and lighting. So porting it was easier than waiting for middleware.

Mike Hayes already expressed that he wanted to do another Aliens vs. Predator on 3DS. Maybe doing a NGP version is the way to go?

[Source: CVG]


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