SEGA in the Media: Game Gear in the Bronx

Welcome to another edition of SEGA in the Media, now a weekly feature here at SEGAbits! While most SEGA fans don’t have to go far for a glimpse of something SEGA (just look over at your game shelf or under your tv), spotting something SEGA on television or in a movie is far more difficult. In the past we’ve spotted Virtua Tennis 2009 on the Inbetweeners and a MadWorld poster on Weeds. Today we’re heading to the Bronx, where a certain Jackie Chan had quite the rumble. I think the movie was called The Spy Next Door. No wait, it was Rumble in the Bronx.

Poor, poor Danny. Confined to a wheelchair on the mean streets of New York, his sister hates him and he wants a new cushion for his aching butt. Thankfully, Jackie Chan comes to town an solves every problem… except for the wheelchair part. Jackie Chan ain’t Jesus Christ, despite sharing the same initials.

The cherry on top of Jackie’s life betterment sundae is that Jackie gives Danny his SEGA Game Gear. Or, as Jackie calls it, his “old video game.” Promising not to play it during class time, Danny takes the Game Gear and goes on his merry way to school. But wait! Oh Jackie, you ass! You gave the kid the Game Gear, but you didn’t include a game!

But once again, Jackie performs a near impossible stunt as later on in the movie we see Danny playing the Game Gear despite not having a game cart in it. Perhaps Jackie, having just come from China, brought along a bootleg Game Gear preloaded with a ton of games? Or maybe the production staff just didn’t give a crap about authenticity and told the kid to move his thumbs around like an idiot and they’d add the “blips” and “boops” in post. I’d go with the latter.


6 responses to “SEGA in the Media: Game Gear in the Bronx

  1. George says:

    I loved this movie growing up. It was my first exposure to Jackie Chan. The acting is horrible, remember that one part all the time when the guy gets his nose broken "She broooke my nooose, that stupid bitch Imma kill her…"

  2. Shigs says:

    I remember that scene too. Took me out of the movie for a sec cuz I knew he wasn't playing anything.

  3. George says:

    Look at the last picture, the old guy in the back. What a smug face.

  4. cube_b3 says:

    Fun Read.

  5. Like George, Rumble in the Bronx was my intro to Jackie Chan. I loved this movie back in the day! Actually, I still do love it. Great fight scenes, stupid humor (Uncle Bill marries an overacting black woman! hilarity ensues!) and blatant shots of Vancouver standing in for New York.

    Operation Condor and Supercop were my other two favorites, though no SEGA handhelds were to be found.

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