Eggman and Other Video Game Baddies Cameo in a Disney Movie? Yup.

Disney’s 3D animated movie “Wreck-It Ralph”, slated for a November 2012 release, is very much like a “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” with video game characters. The film tells the story of Wreck-It Ralph, an arcade game bad guy who appears within a fictional 80’s arcade game called “Fix-It Felix Jr.”. Within the arcade game, Felix builds buildings, and Ralph destroys them. Sounds a bit like a cross between Donkey Kong and Rampage. However, just like in Toy Story, the characters have lives outside of their fictional roles and Ralph is having second thoughts about villainy, hoping to become a hero.

The movie has been said to feature cameos from real world video game characters, but up until now none have been revealed. In the latest issue of Disney’s D23 Magazine, a few behind-the-scenes photos are shown and in one image none-other than SEGA’s very own Eggman can be seen sitting with other video game bad guys including Bowser and Street Fighter’s Zangief! No idea what the scene is about, but I’d guess it’s a video game villain support group. Despite the blurry pic, Eggman seems pretty disinterested in the meeting. No word on Mike Pollock voicing the doctor, but it would be a crime if he didn’t. After the break, check out the full scan. Thanks to jennytablina of The Sonic Stadium Boards for the scans!

What do you think of Eggman, and possibly other SEGA characters, making cameos in a Disney movie? Could be epic! Or it could be just a few cameos. We’ll just have to wait and see.


21 responses to “Eggman and Other Video Game Baddies Cameo in a Disney Movie? Yup.

  1. sonicplayer says:

    I think this could be great, brings us one step closer to an official sonic movie. ^^

  2. Gagaman says:

    I just made some kind of high pitched squeal that only dogs could hear.

  3. Wonchop says:


  4. straitJacket says:

    Barry you say that Fix-It Felix Jr. is meant to be an 80’s arcade game, but I wonder what time period the film’s plot takes place.
    I’m guessing it’s set in the modern day as Eggman has the contemporary aesthetic rather than his classic Robotnik apparel.
    Anyway, hope it’s not a wasted opportunity like Totoro’s cameo in Toy Story 3.

  5. Link2005 says:

    Wreck-It Ralph should have a word with Donkey Kong and his (grand?)father, I mean the latter one fought Mario, while the first one is, is anything, more like a friendly rival kinda guy.

  6. Tomamoto says:

    Long John Baldry would be a great alternative if they don’t get Mike Pollock. And yes, I’m quite serious.

  7. The Helldragon says:

    B-But Zangief isn’t a villain…unless you count the SF movie and cartoon.

  8. Risen says:

    I cannot even imagine what a licensing hurricane from hell this must have been. But seriously awesome.

    • I recall a story from Roger Rabbit’s production, Disney and WB agreed to let Bugs and Mickey share the screen, but neither could be placing the other in a negative light, neither could be “besting” the other and both needed equal screen time. Thus them being BFF’s and skydiving.

  9. milesdx says:

    I seem to remember when the news started coming out for this movie there was info and even screen shots of the Ghosts from Pacman appearing as a cameo. If I remember correctly they were to appear in some sort of villain support group (like you mentioned above). Not sure if those screen shots are still available, but I remember wishing hard that there’d be some Sonic cameo after seeing those pics. Glad my wishes were answered. Been looking forward to this move for a long time.

  10. Archonus says:

    Uh, Zangief isn’t really a bad guy…

  11. Vinny says:

    It is pretty blurry.. but I think the one on the far left is Doctor Wily ^^

  12. TrueBlue170 says:

    Dr Eggman? And possibly Sonic? In a DISNEY movie?! *brain implodes*

  13. Jeff Brehove says:

    I’m all for the story, but I think, because it’s a 3D animated movie not 8-bit like the video game showcase, it’s gonna be hard for the audience to believe that this is a video game world.

  14. Marfy Steeger says:

    If they have him yell “SNOOPING AS USUAL I SEE” I’m gonna lose my shit

  15. Mitsuo says:

    We need to find a Long John Baldry Impersonator for Robotnik, lol.

  16. Tiago says:

    That IS Dr. Wily to the far left I believe,but I heard he got removed.

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