Sonic Talk #9: Sonic 4 Episode II After Party

Sadly this episode is a few days late due to E3. But hey, I hope you guys are enjoying all this E3 content that is coming. The main man Ken Balough is back on Sonic Talk this week to talk to us more about Sonic 4: Episode II, now that the game is already out and we all played it, its an interesting talk. Like every week we have your weekly Sonic news, so take a break from all the E3 news and sit back for some Sonic Talk.



  • What we’ve been up to/playing.

Sonic News:

  • Sega’s booth at Sonic and All-Stars will have a celebrity at E3 tomorrow.
  • Sonic Adventure 2 Avatar Items announced for June 5 by Major Nelson.
  • Jazwares Sonic statues legs melt above room temperature. (Same thing happened to my statue. Now I know it’s not a rare occurrence.)
  • Sonic Monopoly/Memory Announced.
  • Sonic Merchandise store coming to North America.

Comic Talk:

  • Sonic #237


  • Ken Balough and Kellie Parker on Sonic 4-2 after launch.

Topic of the Week:

  • History of Dimps in Sonic. Best games and where they went wrong.

11 responses to “Sonic Talk #9: Sonic 4 Episode II After Party

  1. sonicplayer says:

    I’ll try to keep my comments brief and not comment as much this time. ^^

  2. Indigo Rush says:

    Big the Cat’s officially retired?! No! 🙁

  3. John says:

    Oh dear, oh and I can guarantee other people on some sites will bout and whine for Sega to remove other characters so that they can love them again.

    I will pierce them to the heavens if they do.

  4. SebTH says:

    Big is dead?


  5. SonicSays321 says:

    Big is GONE??!

    Meh… hated playing as him but really liked his character/personality in the games/comics(at least he’ll still appear there…)

  6. Knuckles Chaotix says:

    Big? BIG!?! NO! YOU CAN”T SCRAP BIG! Noooo!!!

  7. Will says:

    Yes he will never be showed again scrap him sega yeah throw that sucky fat cat i’m not worried about him at all sure he has useful abilties in sonic chronicles but not anymore most of is abilties,popularity and everything he has ultimately sucks! And none of you will get to see him again.

  8. Chuggaamiku says:

    Poor Big…Eh,he kinda sucked in my opinion…but I still feel for him.

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