Sonic Talk Episode #8: ReDIMPStion

Welcome to a new episode of Sonic Talk with a subtitle everyone (but me) hates! This week, we talk about the possibility of an Episode 3, F4F’s new Modern Sonic statue, the speed that the summer of Sonic tickets sold, Sonic Universe #40 and why Ian Flynn’s Eggman is the BEST Eggman out here.

After all that, we go into a 1 & 1/2 hour discussion all about Sonic 4 Episode 2. All of us have played it and we give our thoughts on both the game and the Sonic series in general.


– New Sonic 4 Trailer says “To be concluded” Episode 3 announced as final episode?
– F4F Announces and show Modern Sonic statue
– True Blue Initiative 2! Will you buy 4 copies of Sonic 4-2 for an autographed poster and a name mention? Me neither.
– Summer of Sonic tickets gone in under 3 minutes!
– Windmill Isle Mod for PC Sonic Generations
– Sonic Labyrinth available on Euro E-Shop…..Oh God.
– SASASR iOS now features Knuckles, Shadow, new Samba De Amigo Track and microtransactions. Cuz why earn miles when you can pay for them?

COMIC TALK Sonic Universe #40: What is the fate of Snivley? Will he finally defeat Eggman?

GAME TALK: Sonic 4: Episode 2. We’ve all played it. What do we think of it?


14 responses to “Sonic Talk Episode #8: ReDIMPStion

  1. sonicplayer says:

    I just want to mention in sonic 4 episode 2 there are three acts with water, the two you mentioned and sylvania castle act 3, take the bottom path

    ok now opinions: both metal sonic bosses were far too hard, oil desert and sylvania castle bosses fine, sky fortress hated it, act 2 and 3 had far too many pits for me to enjoy it, oil desert act 1 and 2, again too many pits, last boss meh, basically I hated this game and I’ve liked just about every sonic game ever produced

  2. sonicplayer says:

    ps rolling can be stopped, just press the rolling button again while rolling heck u can stop in place

  3. sonicplayer says:

    Ok about wen the one guy was talking about how he didn’t notice sonic 4 episode 1 had bad physics, lol me too as well, the same goes to sonic 2006, yes I liked sonic 06, not really anymore though.

  4. sonicplayer says:

    Agree about the sonic fanbase, way too divided

  5. sonicplayer says:

    I’ll probably keep commenting till the video ends sorry ^^

  6. sonicplayer says:

    lol when you said teenagers shoot I’ll be a legal adult in a year

  7. sonicplayer says:

    and lol this my first time listening to a podcast and the first time listening to yours…I feel like my dad listening to his sports podcast >.<

  8. sonicplayer says:

    @knukles: I was crazy excited for ep. 2, heck I was going to download the 360 version, well I was unable to use my console, so I downloaded beta 8

  9. sonicplayer says:

    adding more: glad I did, now I know sonic adventure 2 (if it comes) I can be it

  10. sonicplayer says:

    edit: i can buy it

  11. -nSega54- says:

    haha well thanks for all the comments, dude. I don’t think any episode of Sonic Talk has ever gotten 11 comments before. :p

  12. GX Echidna says:

    And now I’m in this too!

  13. sonicplayer says:

    omg I really commented that much wow ^^

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