Sonic, Eggman and Neff make the blu-ray cover art for Wreck-It Ralph

Disney has just revealed the cover art for the blu-ray releases of Wreck-It Ralph, and look who made both covers! Sonic stands alongside main characters Ralph and Felix in the gold bordered Ultimate Collector’s Edition release, with SEGA villains Eggman and Neff on either side. Meanwhile, the standard blu-ray release features Sonic, Eggman and Neff amongst other video game icons. Price and release date have yet to be revealed, but expect them to go for above or around $20 on release and to hit in March/April of next year.


6 responses to “Sonic, Eggman and Neff make the blu-ray cover art for Wreck-It Ralph

  1. SonicItachi says:

    Sonic’s spines are down, thank goodness! They looked weird before.

  2. Pira says:

    Wait, who’s that rhino again?

  3. jimi Andreas says:

    Maybe i need to see the movie but i looked and looked and could’nt find Neff(the guy whith the purple robe)……..and wasn’t the rhino light blue in altered beast?

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      He sits in on the bad guys anon meeting, and appears throughout the movie in backgrounds. In Altered Beast, he changes colors depending on how many hits are left and purple is one of them.

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