Famitsu gives Anarchy Reigns high marks – so can we have the game already, SEGA?

I’m really getting sick of opening articles with a rundown of Anarchy Reigns delay in the west, so I’ll keep it short: SEGA delayed the game again and again, it now looks to be coming in 2013, and it pisses me off. To add salt to the wound, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu reviewed the game, which releases July 5th in Japan by the name of Max Anarchy. What did they rate it? Straight 9’s for both XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 versions. So it appears the game is very, very good. 9,9,9,9 good. So tell my again why SEGA continues to delay the game? Excuse me while I belt out an old chestnut from Doctor Robotnik: “DUMBOTS!!!”


9 responses to “Famitsu gives Anarchy Reigns high marks – so can we have the game already, SEGA?

  1. SMT Xero says:

    If importing didnt cost $95 canadian or if import sites could promise me a pre order code i would import for xbox in a second.

  2. JCT says:

    Let’s face it. This game is not going to sell in America. The videogame industry is a stagnant pile of shit over here. The only games that are successful in the States are games that let your inner child be a superhero or a killing machine.

    I’m of course generalizing heavily, but there’s a lot of truth to this.

    The vast majority of American gamers want to be action heros. They don’t want to play Japanese style games any more.

    I’m personally about ready to sell off all my videogames (excluding my Dreamcast collection), as I just don’t see anything coming out anymore that suits my taste.

    I miss when Japan ruled the scene.

    • westhamhaz says:

      I think that is a harsh over-statement. The indie market is thriving with more creativity then ever. Yes Japanese games have an indisputable charm, but there are still high quality Japanese games being released. The industry has evolved and now has more fatigue than ever before you don’t need to solely focus on the mainstream AAA titles

  3. Kori-Maru says:

    To me, it’s games like Call of Duty Black Ops that’s taking all the fame of video games right now. Where I live, it’s too much focused on first person shooters. I prefer beating the CPU with my own hands. I’ll wait for Anarchy Reigns to be released by Sega of America though. Don’t want to hurt sells.

    • sonicplayer says:

      Agreed 1st person shooters are far too over saturated here in the US, everything wants to be call of duty, even the movies here are becoming nothing more than bad comedies for a quick buck and the remakes…don’t even get me started on how many we have, in short originality is far too few. Now if you want originality check out some indie games (most of them that I have seen truly are original).

  4. segaismysavior says:

    I’m glad to see it stands a good chance of being a quality game.

    The only reason I’m ok with the delay is because I can’t buy it right now. However, I doubt I’ll be able to buy it next year either…

    I have a stack of games I’ve barely played, and very little time to play them.

  5. Mokuu says:

    Anyone noticed how under advertised the game was?
    – No gametrailer push
    – Barely any IGN/gamespot coverage
    – No american demo
    – Any consistent character trailer from SEGA’s side and NOT Platinum Game’s Youtube blog.
    – Was max anarchy even playable at TGS or E3?
    – Any american only bonus?

    See what i mean? PG was on their own when it came to the advertising, fans really tried but after the 2013 pushback by Sega, those efforts went down the drain since people arent made out of money- cant expect most people to cash out 95$ on a game they HAVENT DEMO-ED (unless they have a jap psn account).

    The game is great – Platinum Games did a great job but Sega is turning into a Horrendous publisher as their marketing campaigns are getting worst.

    On my side, ill try to show the imported sku to all my friends and spread the word. Please do so guys, id hate to see PG unrewarded for epic work.

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