Weekly Five: Reasons why you should import Max Anarchy/Anarchy Reigns

Poor Anarchy Reigns. It really got a bum rap this year after Sega went through its restructuring. From being delayed indefinitely, possibly being cancelled to finally having a super-delayed release date of early 2013. All the while, Platinum Games finished the Japanese version with full localization built in for a world wide release. Several Platinum Games fans were outraged that they wouldn’t be able to play the game for another 6-9 months from now. I’m sure there’s a logical and financial reason why they’d make such a delay, but it makes no sense to me.

But why wait? The game is region free on both X-Box 360 and PS3 and is available to import from sites like Play Asia right now! It’ll cost a bit more than if you wait, but if you want one of the best brawling games this generation early, this is the best way to go. Read on to see what you’re missing out on.

It’s localized and in full English.

Max Anarchy/Anarchy Riegns was made for a worldwide simultaneous release. Because of that, Platinum Games made the game in such a way that it will automatically play in the language of your region when you put it in. You don’t even need to set it up in the options like in the demo. When you boot it up, the only Kanji you’ll see is at the very beginning of the game before the title screen. Everything else is in full English including the voice acting. Hell, the game even refers itself as “Anarchy Reigns” at times and even has full English trophies/achievements. Even more proof that this game was ready to go. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sega had a stockpile of the western versions just sitting in a warehouse right now waiting for 2013.

Bayonetta. Awwww yeah!

She’s one of the main reasons I didn’t wait for 2013. I love Bayonetta and frankly, who doesn’t? She’s one of the best characters Platinum Games has ever made. If you pre-ordered the game or bought it early, you got a DLC code so you can use her in multiplayer. The only little snag with this is that you have to put in the code in a Japanese account. If you don’t have a Japanese account, it’s fairly easy to do on a PS3 but a bit trickier on a 360 (it can still be done). The good news is the Bayonetta codes are still available. The codes were printed right on the package of first run copies of the game. Many import stores are still selling the first printings, but make sure to contact them first on whether they still have the codes or not.


Anarchy Reigns has a ton of multiplayer modes to enjoy. Modes like team deathmatch, one-on-one cage match and survival (AKA co-op horde mode) just to name a few. So far the online has been as smooth as butter with no lag. Unlike most multiplayer games, you won’t be doing any camping. This is a brawler, so you got to get down and dirty. You’ll need to come up with some good combos too if you want to survive. Juggling your opponent, dodging and weaving and timing your heavy attacks are key. Just ask Nuckles87 after I kicked his ass in 3 out of 4 cage matches. With a good amount of modes and characters to unlock plus a ton of leveling up, you’ll be playing multiplayer long after the campaign is over. BTW, if you want this game for multiplayer, I’d recommend the PS3 version as it sold far more copies in Japan than the 360. You’ll probably have more players to go against that way.

A solid campaign mode

For those who may not care for multiplayer, the single player campaign has a solid story mode with two campaigns (lasting about 4 hours each), black side and white side.  In black side, you play as Jack Cayman from the ultra-violent Wii game Madworld. In white side, you play as BPS cyber mercenary Leonhardt Victorion. Both are going after the same man (Max Caxton) for different reasons, but end up butting heads with each other a few times. The campaign takes place on five large maps with six missions on each map. Some are free missions that are not required but help you get points towards the story missions which are required to help the story progress. Without turning this into a review, I will say the game feels like the 16-bit brawlers of old while still having that next-gen edge. If you’re looking for a game with that Final Fight/Streets of Rage feel to it, this will be right up your alley.

You can play it now!

If you’re really excited for this game, why wait 6-9 months for Sega to finally release it outside of Japan when you can play the game in its full, localized glory right now? It’s in full English (or Spanish, or Italian or French), the online multiplayer works great and if you hurry up and get the first print copies, it’s got Bayonetta! So what are you waiting for?!

Oh…it’s kind of expensive to import and you’d rather wait to save money and there may be some more DLC content by then? Well fine, Mr. Cheapy Pennypincher! You go ahead and wait! Meanwhile, I’ll be kicking some mutant and cyberhuman ass with my double chainsaw. It’ll be interesting to see all the newbs fight the level 50 players come 2013. I’ll tell you this Sega, if you add some more Platinum characters like Sam Gideon from Vanquish, I may just double dip!


11 responses to “Weekly Five: Reasons why you should import Max Anarchy/Anarchy Reigns

  1. Radrappy says:

    I dunno man, I’m not paying 120$ for a game unless it’s freaking excellent. And that wasn’t even one of your reasons listed to import.

  2. sth88 says:

    There’s no question this game looks awesome, and if they had released it in the West like they keep saying they will, I’ll pick it up in the first day or two.

    But I’m not paying $100+ to import it. I doubt any game is worth that much money, and besides, I don’t have enough money to buy everything I want. Importing Anarchy Reigns could mean having to drop games like Jet Set Radio or NiGHTS from my planned purchases list.

  3. Richard says:

    the game is good , no question bout that but no way in hell im paying 100 quid plus just to import it , not the end of the world if i wait longer or not . just a videogame

  4. FinalFan says:

    Cool, here in Europe we have some magnificient thing called… taxes/customs.

    First, games are more expensive in Japan, and customs are about 20%… so the game would cost around 100€… NO WAY!

    And since it won’t sell a lot of copies like many other SEGA titles, about six months after its European release, it will cost less than half of its price… YAY!

    Anyway, enjoy your game with top japanese players 🙂

  5. Dubba814 says:

    I do want it, but like what everyone says, way too expensive to import. >_<

  6. Will says:

    yea, I can’t import it either too pricey…on the other hand, I have pre-ordered both NA versions via the Buy.com deal.

  7. SeanNOLA says:

    SEGA’s playing a dangerous game with these staggered releases. PSO2 I understood, but this just seems like a bad idea. The game is ready, it had zero competition in the summer, it stood a chance here. Now, anybody who cares about Platinum Games or Mad World can get a copy if they want it, so sales will be doubly hurt when they come out in the now-crowded Q1 2013.

  8. CosmicCastaway says:

    I agree with SeanNOLA about how the game being pushed to next year seems like a bad idea. That being said, I will wait for the Western release because I don’t want to spend $100+ on a game unless it is an amazing collector’s edition. I’m glad you are having fun though Shigs! I look forward to playing some matches with you all next year!

  9. BooD says:

    I’ll have to agree, the price to import really hurts, and taking the fastest shipping from the fastest shipper (play asia) cost 107$. Sure, it means it costs less if you can wait 2 or 3 weeks but it’s still high above the usual 60$ games (I think it’s like 75$ with slowest shipping). The game is indeed crazy though, multiplayer is one of the most fun stuff I’ve had for a while. Also about combos, they aren’t truly necessary outside of cage matches because combos that take too long will get you interrupted by someone else, so using strong killer weapons attacks is usually a better idea. Nonetheless combos still are awesome to make an exhibition out of them:

  10. mike says:

    If Sega does not release the game here, then i will definitely import it. but for Right know i’m waiting for a solid release date before i consider preordering. Or I could look to see if book off has an imported copy since they carry both american and Japanese games. For those who dont know what i’m talking about, Book off is a japanese used bookstore chain that has a few locations in Amerca.

  11. MSoles7 says:

    I have one of many reasons why there’s a huge delay for this game. Being an Aussie gamer myself, our government has accepted the R18+ rating for video games and it’ll be released officially by 2013, maybe that’s why SEGA and Platinum were doing this delay for the west of the world, they wanted to be sure that everyone has the game without any modifications.

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