Happy 13th Birthday, SEGA Dreamcast!

Thirteen years ago today, the SEGA Dreamcast released to the United States. Why is it that the US release is so widely celebrated? Well, the marketing geniuses behind the launch chose an incredibly memorable date: 9/9/99. Of course, that isn’t to say that the European launch date of 10/14/99 or the Japanese launch date of 11/27/98 aren’t just as important, but nothing sticks like a string of nines. Despite being one year older, and well past the point where it is still deemed a current gen console or even a last gen console, the Dreamcast has managed to remain relevant. SEGA has kept the dream alive with rereleases of popular Dreamcast games, including the Dreamcast Collection and the upcoming SEGA Heritage Collection titles. Indie developers have been hard at work on new Dreamcast games including the awesome GunLord, the Dux sequel Redux: Dark Matters and redspotgames Sturmwind. Like a fine wine, the Dreamcast just gets better with age. Even now, fans are still discovering titles on the console. Just check out our forums where fans are sharing their favorite obscure titles.

So whatever you have planned for today, try to squeeze in a play session of your favorite Dreamcast game. Don’t have a Dreamcast or don’t have the time? Check out a retrospective video, read an article, or just think back to that time thirteen years ago when SEGA ruled the console world and wowed us with hardware and games that were as technologically impressive as they were filled with innovation and imagination.


10 responses to “Happy 13th Birthday, SEGA Dreamcast!

  1. Dubba814 says:

    I’m playing Sonic Adventure right now! And happy birtdhay Dreamcast! 😀

  2. CrazyTails says:

    I have all the SEGA consoles and of course I play the saturn or megadrive too, but the dreamcast is always connected

  3. straitJacket says:

    I also have said console always connected to the set, it also happens to be my most played console (recently unlocked Pots on Jet Set Radio).

    Apologies for being the person to make corrections, but redspotgames’ yet to be released titled is named Sturmwind rather than Strumwind (which reads like a nickname for a flatulent banjo player).

  4. Lol, what a silly commercial.

  5. Infinity says:

    Friends coming over in a bit, going to have some beer and pizza while we play Gauntlet Legends, Quake and NBA 2k2.

  6. Shigs says:

    I think something’s wrong with my Dreamcast now. It says all it can think about is girls and keeps locking itself in the bathroom for a long period of time.

  7. Geed says:

    I still have my Dreamcast from day 1! Had to do the calibration trick on occasion but she’s still kicking.

  8. Star Platiunum says:

    Still have my Dreamcast from the US launch day & it’s still going strong. I’ll be playing some games this week. Maybe some Canon Spike or Project Justice.

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