SEGA in the Charts: MediaCreate Charts Jan 20 – Jan 26 2014


SEGA’s latest dance rhythm title Utakumi 575 has entered the Japanese chart at 13th selling 9,701 units, managing to sell between 40% – 60% of the initial shipment sent to retailers (Roughly between 16,168 – 24,252) Considering the push SEGA is giving the title (Complete with an animated series that has been airing from January 8th this year) it is no doubt selling well below SEGA’s expectations. SEGA would be hoping that they could enjoy stronger sales in the coming month from their software. With Project Diva f 2nd, Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin and Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode 2 on the horizon, SEGA should hopefully make up for the failure of their latest stab at the dance rhythm genre.


4 responses to “SEGA in the Charts: MediaCreate Charts Jan 20 – Jan 26 2014

  1. CrazyTails says:

    Nice seeing you doing these aki. Dissapointing to hear even tho its not my type of game. Hope to see ishin do good numbers

  2. InTheSky says:

    So between the barrier to changing the lyrics and the poor performance, localization is a no.

    I really did not expect to see it sell that poorly. 10k? they didn’t ship all that much, but I thought the game’s features as a rhythm game (plus the character designs) and the anime push would’ve done something.

  3. Fernandeath says:

    How can we expect Sega to pay for atlus’ purchase selling so few units of their games? 🙁

  4. matty says:

    It’s a little surprising. It has all the ingredients of a gangbuster title; thumpin’ music, little girls, slick dance moves – so what went wrong? ;_;

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