SEGA reveals Hi☆sCoool! SEGA Hard Girls Anime

A few months ago, SEGA has announced that they were green-liting a new anime project based on SEGA Hard Girls, a group of female humanoid consoles based on SEGA’s hardware consoles. Now, a brand new preview of the anime has been released titled Hi☆sCoool! セハガール (SEGA Hard Girls) produced by TMS Entertainment, known for their work on other SEGA related anime adaptations such as Virtua Fighter, Sonic X, & Hero Bank.

The plot centers around the SEGA Hard Girls (MegaDrive, Saturn, & Dreamcast) who all are enrolled in the Tokyo Haneda and Torii to “Sehagaga Gakuen” as they are issued a challenge for graduation credits from dubious teacher. To clear the problem, they must enter the game world of SEGA featuring tons of cameos. But can they graduate successfully?

The anime is set to air on ANIMAX on October 8th, 2014 every Wednesday and Saturday. Nico Nico Channel and pre-orders for Blu-Ray/DVD will be announced on a later date. Hope to expect translations soon.


8 responses to “SEGA reveals Hi☆sCoool! SEGA Hard Girls Anime

  1. Kori-Maru says:

    So l take it that you don’t like all the neat SEGA cameos that would be featured in each episode.

  2. Davey says:

    Please refrain from calling things “sissy”. That rude and demeaning towards femininity in general. Thanks.

    On topic: I’m surprised it’s CG… Strange choice lol I like it though it looks like it will be awesome and a great way to look back on Sega history!

    P.S. Rhythm Thief is great!

  3. b. phoenix says:

    congratulations, you’ve discovered that there are people with preferences other than yours that are still viable demographics. go forth with your newfound wisdom

  4. Kori-Maru says:

    Rinkiz, your comment has been removed due to negative comments and discrimination. Please restrain from using the words “sissy and gay” It’s offensive to our readers of this site.

  5. InTheSky says:

    Uhh…I kinda want to watch this.

  6. Hitrax says:

    It’s very Japaneesy, their standards of what constitutes masculine manly-ness and effeminate ‘sissy-ness’ are different from how it is in the west.
    Sissy just means effeminate and cowardly, probably a better word to use is ‘girly’ – but then it’s an anime – and by western standards, loads of animes seem girly by comparison but in Japan they aren’t really considered and thought of like.

  7. Hitrax says:

    *thought of like that.

  8. nuckles87 says:

    Who cares? Both of the games you mentioned are kick ass.

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