SEGA News Bits: Top 100 SEGA Games Discussion

On this episode of the SEGA News Bits we discuss the Top 100 SEGA Games list we posted up earlier this month, so if you haven’t checked it out give it a gander. Join us to listen to us rant about how the list was put together, which games surprised us on the list, which games didn’t make the list, how SEGA games are under-appreciated on other top gaming lists, and much more. Sadly we don’t cover all the top 100 SEGA games that are represented on the list, that would take too long, but I hope the games we talked about was entertaining enough. Let us know if you agree or disagree with the top 100 SEGA games list and what your top three SEGA games would be in the comments below.

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One response to “SEGA News Bits: Top 100 SEGA Games Discussion

  1. BMS says:

    Sonic CD, Jet Set Radio, and Vanquish are my current top 3 compared to my 2015 list. 😛 I haven’t played many SEGA games, but I have a lot of respect for the top 100 list. I am curious to see if Yakuza 0 will push the series higher on a future list.

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