The SEGA Dreamcast wins Wired’s drop test

As if you needed any more convincing that the Dreamcast is the best games console of all time! But just for the doubters ‘Wired’ have performed an ‘experiment’ in which they drop four generations of consoles, from the 16 bit, all the way to the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. The survivors of the drop test (those which still function) are doused with Mountain Dew and tested again. There could only ever be one winner and naturally it was every ones favourite white dream machine!

So what does kill a Dreamcast? Well, my first one died when lightening struck the phone line by my house and I was playing Phantasy Star Online at the time. My second Dreamcast I had to put in storage, it died of a broken heart. However my 1991 MegaDrive/Genesis works perfectly after all these years and I’ve dropped that thing more times than your mum dropped her pants in college.


One response to “The SEGA Dreamcast wins Wired’s drop test

  1. AndrEli says:

    I have a similar story with my original Dreamcast. We had a power outage while I was playing Shenmue. For some reason that particular Dreamcast will never play Shenmue again, but the disc work fine on other systems haha. And that Dreamcast plays other games…

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