Could SEGA be planning to reveal a new Yakuza game on September 15th?


The official Japanese Yakuza site (that’s the one for the SEGA games, not the official Japanese site for the yakuza) has updated with a banner teasing a September 15th reveal. The reveal is two days before Tokyo Game Show 2015, and the same date as the SCEJA Press Conference. So it is likely that this reveal will take place during the Sony press event. It is likely to be a game, but for what piece of hardware is unknown.

It’s important to note that the Yakuza series turned 10 this year, so perhaps it is an anniversary initiative or a boxed release of the entire series or a rerelease of earlier games or a new game. Earlier today we shared the reveal of a PS3 and PS4 title from SEGA named LEXUS, and while I speculated that this is a new non-Yakuza title from the Yakuza team, it could end up being that LEXUS is the code name for this reveal. Yakuza turns ten… the X in LEXUS could be the roman numeral for ten… who knows! All will be revealed on September 15th, and in the meantime we’ll share whatever news and rumors we come across.


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