Yakuza 6 shows why its PS4 exclusive in first in-game teaser

Yakuza 6 was the big game announced by SEGA at this year’s Tokyo Game Show 2015, two big related announcements was that it will be Playstation 4 only and that famous Japanese actor Takeshi Kitano (aka Beat Takeshi) would have a character in this game. Sadly no in-game graphics where shown at the Japanese expo, but now that its over we finally get to see what Takeshi Kitano and Yakuza 6 will look like.

This looks like a big step for the franchise, but its hard to tell if it will be a huge leap like Yakuza 2 to Yakuza 3 due to how little they show in this video (and how well past Yakuza titles captured in-game faces).  What are your thoughts on the teaser above? Want to hear us ramble about Yakuza 6? Check out our YouTube episode of SEGA News Bits where we talk all about this game!

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5 responses to “Yakuza 6 shows why its PS4 exclusive in first in-game teaser

  1. dikkster says:

    Quiet honestly. You cant really have a good impression. It is a tiresome fight for localisation that i have given up. thiz tokyo game show sega clearly showed us that they are for the japanese. As for the game. It looks solid. But im not gonna dwell over yakuza. If 5 comes out in retail ill buy it. As for 6. Yeah it looks good. But the fight to localise is really tiresome

  2. cube_b3 says:

    I don’t get why Yakuza 6 is PS4 exclusive and getting such a graphic overhaul.

    I might be wrong here but if I was rebooting the franchise I would give the reboot the most cutting edge overhaul rather than a sequel.

    I don’t know I think that would be the smarter play.

  3. dikkster says:

    At cube
    Its depressing really. I dont even understand what sega does frankly.
    Sega’s management is getting wors and we are all just surprised how it manages to stay above ground. They should localise all games instantly and they should be proactive in what they do. Yakuza should have been announced to the west by now. Pso2 peeps are waiting untill their skeletons

  4. Gamma says:

    Sega’s supposed ‘big change’ they were talking about at the Tokyo Game Show turned out to be piss in the wind again, all talk, no show, Sega is wholly Japanese centric – which would be fine if their western divisions actually bothered to get off their arses and localise, so far, what is there apart from Project X Zone 2? – which has been pushed back all the way till next year.
    I can barely count on one hand what Sega’s western side is doing.

    Other than that, I can see why the Yakuza 6 release will be next gen exclusive, although short, so far it looks noticeably more advanced than last gen.

  5. dikkster says:

    Yeah and now we have to beg into oblivion for a localisation. And that is really sad. Ah well theres loads of non sega games that are better anyway

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